What annoys you?


Life is full of choices …


I wouldn’t be concerned about farts seeing as people tend to enjoy chucking up on the train.


The threat of nuclear war. Yeah, that annoys me a tad…


VB !


Colyer…how the fark does he get a game


Umpires that late on the whistle after we score a goal and he says I’m obliged to pay a free lick to the opposition.


Have I mentioned how much I hate handballs in the backline.


Should we now tank for draft picks?




Its not handballs in the backline, its that “one hand ball too many” I asked around… i cant get a clear answer on what is “one hand ball too many” 3? 4? 5?


x = n + 1


When the opposition cuts off a handball and takes advantage of the turnover sliding it through for a easy goal…and our supporters think Adelaides the ■■■■, goodo


Or kicking it across our backline opposition cuts it off and capitalise on the turnover slitting through for an easy goal…and our supporters think the Crows are the ■■■■, whoopdeedoo!


If our supporters thinks the Crows are the ■■■■ what do they think the Demons are? They beat us and the Crows at home…Premiership favorites?


Sammy Lane annoys me


That’s Sam Lane QC to you!


Are you serious…well ■■■■ me


Do you want to talk about it?


Annoying, but equally kind of terrifying are 40 year-old blokes that look and act like men in their early twenties.
It’s like the switch never got flicked for them somehow.


They either haven’t had kids yet, or they had kids early and are now ‘living it up’ in their forties.