What annoys you?


Like many things: blame the insurance “industry”


Extra chewing gum - or more specifically the way the whole packet lasts about a day once you’ve opened it before it congeals and sticks to the paper wrapper. Get about two pieces for the full price - and what’s more I’m sure it is intentional.


Which one you buying? Mine usually lasts a week just in the console of the car before going to ■■■■. The one with the strips of crunchy mint is pretty decent.


selling second hand goods on Facebook Buy swap sell. Fair dinkum people, if you say you want something then change your mind let me know. And turn up when you say you’re going to turn up.

I cannot understand the mindset of people who are happy to completely screw around with people through unreliability. You should be embarrassed.


Was cleaning out the pantry a bit today and went to move a pack of 24 cans of soft drink. Picked it up and it was as light as can be. They were empty! Sealed top and bottom. No liquid to be found anywhere. No spills, no stickyness nothing. Wasn’t one or two cans was every single one of them!

I can’t figure out what happened or where it all went!


It was Keyser Soze


That sounds bluddy weird.

Only thing I’m thinking is that they were empty when you put them in there, … but surely you’d have noticed??

A similar thing happened to a box of pepsi or coke I had stored once, … but there was definite evidence, and the cause was what is described here …


Squeeze them and see if air comes out. There’s probably really really small holes on the base of each can. The drink slowly corrodes the can and leaks slow enough to evaporate as it goes so won’t leave a pool of sugary mess.


And yet people drink that stuff by the litre


Quite a few albums that I want to buy. Find them all at one place, on vinyl. Don’t get me wrong I dig vinyl, but I’d rather have cd for convenience in the car. Although the car I looked at last week, no CD player…

Is it pretty much vinyl or download these days?


You know you’re getting old when you reach for your phone to turn the movie volume down and then remember that you’re in a cinema.


The Block.

Look, I don’t do…television, really.
But I am married,
And it’s my opinion that if women died out as a species the first things we’d notice apart from the obvious is that shoes would be ten dollars a pair and there would be No More Reality TV.

But that aside…

I want to know exactly what relation that pair is to what Channel Nine executive.

They’ve got a 90k head-start.
Oh, gee, wonder who makes a better house.
The foreman: ‘Geez, sorry, mate, you’re gonna hafta rip up your floor. And tear down your walls.’ To apparently every contestant apart from these two.

Geez, sorry, gonna hafta fine ya.
Gosh…now we’re gonna hafta take a day’s work of ya.

■■■■ OFF.
Who are they?
And who have they friggin’ sucked?


Hell’s kitchen wasn’t too bad.


Just found out how much deliveroo and über eats cost.

So I pay $5 on top of my order, and then they take 27% and 32% respectively out of the price of the pizza.

If all his customers moved to delivery he’d go out of business


Strap in Blitz - this is going to be a long one - likely with no real pay off. But I need to vent…

8 years, 8 months, and 3 days ago - my first daughter was born. We asked the grandparents what name they’d like to go by. My parents went for Grandpa and Nanny, Mrs Brem’s parents chose Poppy and Nan. So far, so good. Not too confusing - and reasonable requests.

As our daughter learnt to speak, she had trouble saying Poppy. What came out in fact, was Pipi. Or, to be phonetically correct - PeePee. (Yep, like a doodle). Not to worry, Poppy was happy enough, and said that “he quite liked Pipi” - much to our amusement. (This became funnier about 5 years later, when after 30+ years of marriage and 2 kids, he revealed that he was gay. Quite likes Pipi indeed…)

So, Pipi it is. We’ve since had a second daughter - and Poppy is still Pipi, and still fond of it as far as I know. (I voted yes by the way) And, I should mention, our kids love him too. (Yes, my daughters love Pipi).

Fast forward a couple more years. Mrs Brem’s Brother has now had a couple of young uns. The first is a boy. (The first grandson, and my only nephew to this point). Naturally, I have converted him (and Mrs Brem’s brother) to Essendon supporters. There has also been some help from his in laws - good, strong, Essendon supporting people. (Who could be Blitzers I suppose. If so, please don’t mention this to your sister, it will definitely upset the apple cart)

Where was I?

Oh right. My nephew. Mrs Brem looks after him (and their daughter) once a week, and from time to time, Pipi (who is semi-retired) comes along and spends some time with them all. My nephew has now picked up on the fact that Poppy likes Pipi, and has started calling him that too.

Approximately 2 hours ago - Mrs Brem received a text from her brother. The kids names have been changed for their protection, and it went a little something like this:

"Hey sis, can you try not to call dad Pipi around [redacted]? He is coming home saying it and I don't want him to. He is Poppy to [redacted] and [redacted]. Thanks."

I should also mention that he has also told Mrs Brem that his son is not to play with Barbie dolls, wear any girls dress ups, or have his nails painted - presumably because he’s afraid that his son will catch the gay that his dad, his uncle, and his aunt have all caught and will then be too confused to love his son. (Yes, I’m being a little facetious)

Now Mrs Brem doesn’t get angry often. But she looks after little [redacted] and [redacted] once a week on her day off work and busts her bum picking up after them and feeding them etc. It’s fair to say she’s not real impressed, and I’m inclined to agree with her - I told her that she should tell her brother “in this house - his name is Pipi, and if you’re not happy with it, maybe the kids can go somewhere else on Mondays, and good luck finding somewhere free of charge.”

That’s apparently not the right solution…

But I’m ■■■■■■ off. Why should our kids have to change what they’ve called their grandfather for years? And how the ■■■■ do we defuse this situation without upsetting someone?


I was going to suggest what you said.

I can offer no other useful comments.


It actually is the right solution. Just needs tweaking.

Explain to Mrs B’s Bro that children are adaptable. They’re quite able to understand that different rules apply in different situations. It’s neither fair nor reasonable for him to expect you change your family’s behaviours to suit him. Just as you wouldn’t expect him to do that to suit you.

If that doesn’t suit him then perhaps it’s best for all concerned if he makes alternative childcare arrangements. Don’t make it about who’s right or wrong. It’s simply different beliefs about parenting.

His kids are with your family one day a week. He still remains their biggest influence.


Call the brother pee pee


Nah, that’s the grandfather’s name.
Call the brother Little Peepee.


Wee Peepee.

We’re not helping, are we?