What annoys you?


Shouts are stupid. You buy, I buy. Just get your own.

Shouts are only ok if you expect nothing in return.

I’m now heading for the hills waiting to get howled down.


when someone shouts you they always get ■■■■ stuff.


They work brilliantly when everyone is drinking the same thing at the same pace, saves bar waiting time. Otherwise they’re out of whack. They basically work best when everybody is drinking Car… make that farkCarlton Draught in pots at 3pph.


Finding out dad needs triple bypass.

Had heart attack 2 years ago. Stent then but blockage coming back.

Lucky that he didn’t have a heart attack and was diagnosed early.

Will be going in next week.

Fark Carlton.


Fark farken Carlton indeed. Sorry to hear that mate.


For some reason though, i’m not worried, I feel more ■■■■■■ off and scared.


My dad has a triple bypass a few years back, took about 6 weeks to recover and had to take it easy for another 6 but he’s been well and healthy since.

I was scared until I had a chat to the surgeon, she explained everything in plain language and made me and my dad feel at ease and confident.


Farking Optus.

Faaaaaarrrrrk off.


I wish people would realise how farked up and often hurtful the sayings ‘ways to skin a cat’ and ‘tough as a cat’s head’ are. Just substitute ‘cat’ for ‘dog’ or any other animal you are fond of, and you’ll understand.


Why is nobody responding? Cat got your tongue?


It’s a dog’s act, but no need to run around like a headless chook.


Layups in NBA2K17.


No need to be a sourpuss, Deckham.

Expressions like that are the cat’s meow, or even the mutt’s nuts or dog’s bollocks.


My mum won’t let me buy a kitten.


Now, that was an amusing interlude. Was it SeddonBomber?


Halloween door knockers.

Don’t involve me.


Never had any until tonight, all dressed up and adorable.


Door bell has been going off since 4pm. Maybe 10 or 11 so far.


I’m as grumpy as the next person, but it’s a little bit of fun. Have a heart, life’s too short


5 years ago I rigged up a speaker and amp to an effects unit and microphone and made ghoulish scary noises at high volume. Haven’t had a door knock since :scream: