What annoys you?


Please don’t get any specific, numbered or named Essendon guernsey for a few more years. Please.


They were great players when we had them.


@megz went through a similar spell, Henno was her favourite, then Ted Richards, then someone else, all her favourites got delisted or traded out.


Buy an Adelaide - Sloane jumper please foggy.




Forgot one



Judd lalich?


Bugman’s all-time #1


Selfish, inconsiderate, bogan A-Holes who attend an event with less than optimal seats, thinking that they can somehow push their way into an area that they shouldn’t be in, in order to gain a better vantage point, thus inconveniencing those who have a right to be there.

GET F*CKED…the lot of you !!!


Sounds like you copped the same people I had the misfortune of coming across just over a week ago.


I want to hear Wim’s version of this story.


He had a brief frustrating moment, but he’s a big boy and dealt with it swiftly.

I had my 14yo at his first Rock Concert, and I know he wasn’t completely comfortable the whole time, which is a shame because ALL artists who performed were fantastic.

I know one day I’ll completely lose my sh*t and hurt someone (or they hurt me), unless I remove myself from attending similar events.
Very low tolerance level for certain types of people.


And just on Justin Blumfield…man oh man what happened to him?

He was 21/22 in 2000, was pretty much robbed of a Norm Smith in the GF, fast forward 4 years and he’s delisted by Richmond struggling to get games through injury. At 26… jesus.


People who dial the wrong number and then have the hide to ask you who YOU are.


The truly special ones insist their friend has had that number for years, hence you must have stolen their phone. They hang up, knowing they were lying and had just dialed the wrong number, and then ring again, clearly thinking they’d just fat-fingered the wrong number.



LOL. I’ve never had that, but now I can’t wait for it to happen…


2 homes ago, I had a phone number that had the last 4 digits transposed from a local pizza shop - 3773 / 7337
Anyway - I used to get people ordering pizzas all the time. If they rang once, I set them straight. If they rang again, I’d take their order :slight_smile:


Do you put extra chili on your pizzas?


Had the same with a Chinese restaurant… 8584 / 8585.

Did exactly the same.