What annoys you?


Worst one I saw one was about saving space in your luggage using THIS ONE GREAT LIFEHACK and it was buying a set of those little travel bottles - which are actually designed for saving space in luggage.

Pretty much an add for KMart.


Also: Ruby Rose, the fecking Veronicas - ■■■■ off. You are cultural junk.


I like the scarf.
I like simple / minimal.


Articles/people telling me my favorite junk food is bad for me or cruel to animals. Just ■■■■ off and let me enjoy my camel burger from maccas!


I think it was Michael Holding


Imagine getting around sporting a wig like that?


The batsman’s Holding, the bolwer’s, Willey.


What about Basque?


No, it was Peter Roebuck.


I lol’d


It was attributed to Brian Johnson, but there is no record of him actually saying that… There is definitely the Johnson one of Neil Harvey standing at square leg (?) with his legs apart waiting for a tickle.


?At the spelling?

The quote is decades old.

[Johnston himself claimed he didn’t recall saying it, but said that a listener wrote to him saying he should be more careful about what he said on air.]


It was part of a question on Pointless the other day.

Fill in the missing word from 5 memorable sporting quotes.


“Welcome to Worcester where you’ve just missed seeing Barry
Richards hitting one of Basil D’Oliveira’s balls clean out of the
ground.” Brian Johnston


And, when the ball brushed Botham’s leg and Aggers said that he didn’t quite get his leg over. Agnew and Johnson totally lost control of themselves for the rest of the session.


That’s a kind of soup, isn’t it?




So, I get the ‘No Junk Mail’ sign for the letterbox but what still arrives in the Melbourne magazine or whatever it’s called which regularly goes straight into the bin. Someone can call me out on this if I’m wrong but isn’t it pretty much just a publication for real estate advertising amongst many others therefore a virtual form of legitimized junk mail?


There’s nothing virtual about it.


Like, it’s like a virtual thing and I was like literally virtual.