What annoys you?


It’s literally virtually the same.



“No Unsolicited Mail” may work better - no one thinks their mail is ‘junk’.


Good call, cheers.


Women who take 4hours to get ready.

Wife is going out to catch up with a ex-colleague from work in the city. I said no worries I’ll get the kids ready for bed.

She started getting ready at 2pm and still not ready at 6pm while I’ve been busy trying to wrangle 2 kids under 4 most of the day because she wanted to take her time getting ready.

She fails to see how I could be ■■■■■■ off with her.


If she has curly hair and needs to straighten it, it takes a fair while. I can attest to that…


That’s the hidden danger with having kids… you have to look after them :smile:


Oh dear there is so much I’d like to comment about this on both sides,but i wont. Hope all worked out in the long run :grinning:


Hopefully the ex-colleague appreciates the effort :slight_smile:


May need to check with council and/or state government about this.

Some can be quite prescriptive about these notices and what they mean.

For instance, my last council would only accept store bought signs stating no junk mail. Hand written were fair game.


Yes, I know, motorists do a lot of bad things.
But they don’t drive on the footpath and then the wrong way down a one way street in the CBD, and then look at you going…“what?”
■■■■ those guys.


they’re the worst where theres roadworks in the cbd, expecially near swanston.

bruh don’t’ swerve into the middle of the lane, theres over 1tonne of metal here cool your jets.

also when trams stop on swantson/bourke you’re meant to stop too you ■■■■■■■.


Continuing my recent misfortune with purchases, and given the last few posts have been cyclist related, here is a recent delivery of a Bike Kick Stand I ordered.
I only ordered 1 item !


Had one scoot between me and the adjacent car and purposefully smack my side mirror and break it - and keep going, in bumper-to-bumper traffic.


Ring Girls.
Ok, now I do realise that fighting sports like boxing and MMA are gutteral, basic, and appeal to that primal instinct. But do we really need a girl to walk around in a bikini with a round number sign in these days? At least the fighters, like them or not, are doing something other than being passive lumps of meat.
“Our crew, the beautiful Arianni!”
fark off, idiot.


They are kind of weird but I’m not going to write a letter to the editor about it.


they never needed a bikini clad girl to hold up a card. but they look nice, so why not?


Grid girls in motor racing are weirder.

“Everyone here is sitting in a car, in a fireproof safety suit, Kevlar reinforced, with a helmet, gloves, and boots. You? You get this sparkly bikini… and an umbrella”


female vs male characters in games.

metal bikini vs full plate armor.


At least the Tour Down Under got rid of female models making the presentations to stage winners. The presenters are selected on the basis of their connection to cycling.