What annoys you?


The scene at the end of every Formula one race - and most car races - a guy popping a load of champagne over a number of female models that are somehow part of the presentation.


…and waste of said champagne.


Blah, blah, did this or that, and the other happened…

Here’s why.


Getting beans into a plastic bag. At my local fruit and veg shop I seem to end up with more on the floor/walls/ceiling than in the bag. I’m sure they hate me.


Less anoying than having to buy them prepacked on polystyrene tray.


David Gallup.
We was a ■■■■■■■ in the NRL and he’s a ■■■■■■■ with soccer.


Have had private health insurance for over 30 years (through parents and individually). Pay taxes.

Need spinal fusion surgery and it’s excluded from cover so have to pay cash - $50K. Or live in pain for another 12 months for top cover waiting period to kick in.

I get it was excluded from my policy but surely we should be able to do better as a society then have people pay so much for health care.


Waiting for my E-bay purchase which was due today but hasnt arrived from Sydney (was supposedly sent 1 week ago)! Wife is going to contact the seller bit reckons he hasnt got a tracking number when he sent it. I think he just hasnt sent it as I won a bid on $300 worth of gaming equipment for $26


Its not worth the money you pay as when you eventually need it, it covers SFA.

My parents pay top dollar and still are out of pocket thousands…

No wonder less people are getting health cover.


Yeah the Health funds not Big on spinal fusions anymore. Really need top cover for it to be included.

Can you go public and try your luck? I imagine the waitlist is longer than the 12 months with the Health find.


That’s disgraceful. And I’m sorry to hear about your condition. Hopefully the boys have some massive wins next year to keep those endorphin levels high.


Thanks guys. It’s farking disgraceful. The waiting list is 18 months and the surgeon I have is top notch so want to stay with him.

I’m fortunate that family will chip in. But still out of pocket $30K. The pain is too great and I’ve tried everything else so no other option.


Insurance is up there with banking as one of the greatest rip-offs of the modern era. For shame.


So the $30K is once you have to wait out the 12 months?

Would you pay the extra $20K now and move on with life?

Or wait another 6 months and get it free at the public?


It is disgraceful… considering how much you pay a fortnight x years before you need it…


I thought that was for now.


18months public? My hernia was less than 6months public wait…


No chance for any injury connection to work? Years ago a colleague got comp for a work- related back injury, which, I understand was a contributory factor ( not the underlying cause)


Yep 18 months. Plus I really want the surgeon I have so needs to be private.


$40-50K total now. Be about $20K in 12 months AFTER health insurance rebates.

Mum and dad are helping out so out of pocket $30K.