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Wearing a police belt and running after scummy crooks didn’t help. But doubt I’d get up on compo.


I’ll confess, I used to sell spinal implants.

It’s not for me to ask what the procedure is, but I’ll assume I have a bit of an idea.

The cost of the products would be around $10k-$20K, the cost for the surgeon and anaesthetist would be significant also, plus the Hospital fees to cover nurses, OR time, bed and some delicious meals…it adds up really fast.

We all hope we don’t need any surgery, but if you do, and if it’s covered, i think insurance is worth it. It’s getting expensive tho. The more people that opt out, the more those that stay in have to pay.

Getting the surgeon/Hospital you want/like is often very important to patients as well, which the public hospital system doesn’t offer.


Commiserations, that is terrible news.

I blame the Tories for moving us closer to the US system every year since Fraser was elected with the pledge to “defend and extend Medibank”


Private health insurance is possibly the biggest swindle in the country

Privatise all the profitable operations - hips, knees, births, let them pick only the healthy patients who probably won’t have any complications.
Leave all the difficult, risky operations and difficult patients for the public purse.

It’s disgraceful - we all pay, insurance mobs pocket billions.


“Black Friday”.

GTFO of my country.


While I would rather have a totally free, much better public health system, I am glad I have the health insurance I do.

Costs us about $300 per month which gives top medical cover with a $500 excess.

I recently had to have my gall-bladder removed, and I chose a large private hospital in Ballarat. Trip to emergency, no waiting then Three days in hospital being diagnosed, two weeks out patient treatment, then in hospital over-night for surgery. Total cost to Medical Fund over $8000, my cost was $500 excess.

Friend had similar issue at around the same time. He went to Ballarat Base Hospital, with a 6 hour wait in emergency, after tests, sent home with pain-killers, waited six weeks before he could have operation done. Still cost him a few hundred dollars for the extras that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Now you get good care at Ballarat Base, but it beats me that the Private Hospital has better staff ratios, immediate access to specialists, and an emergency dept, which cost nothing if referred by your GP, and $175 if not, has more Doctors and more Nurses on duty. My room was more like a Hotel Room and the food was OK. Sure the God Squad want to visit, but you can say no.

This Private Hospital makes a profit, and I just don’t understand why one can be efficient and the other maybe not.


As an aside, my ex husbands company made, amoung other things, screws and attachments for medical procedures. They were colour coded so they surgeons knew what went where.


It farkin is.
And our governments support it.


husbands or husband’s ?? :wink:


Lolz ummmm YESS


You know what would make sense? Insurance premiums going to the government as a medical tax, medical procedures funded by this ‘fee’ - which is paid and enforced now anyway, and profit going back into medical facilities and programs first, and the general pool next. There is no need or place for private organisations to be making squillions off the hard work of the everyday person - fark them and everything about them.


Fkn socialist.


Yep. Surgeons not so smart.

(Shh there’s a couple lurking here)


Is there a good reason for that 1st word?


I think the leg holster and vests were designed in acknowledgment of the issues with belts and the associated paraphernalia that you need to carry. It would be an interesting stat to see the the amount of claims and injuries linked to belts.

Take care of yourself, all the best.


Thanks mate.


Back in the day, I was the young electoral assistant that sat in on the discussions for our Universal Health scheme (Medibank), loosely based on National Health in UK.

The plan was all health and dental would be free, and all paid for by a levy. All hospitals would be nationalised and all doctors would become public servants on a salary. There would be no private health insurance and few private hospitals. There was not much disagreement in house, but consultation with the AMA did not go well.

It was not exactly an issue of money, as the Doctors salary range was based on the Judiciary with most doctors paid equivalent of Judges, who I think at that time were paid about $80,000, which was more than the top specialists were getting at that time.

Anyway never happened as most Doctors hated the concept of socialised medicine taking away their choice of picking their own patients.

Health costs in Australia are heading down the USA path, and if health provision went the same way as LNP want then private health insurance is necessary and expensive, and unaffordable


One of the current problems is the definition/ categorisation of elective surgery. The pain factor is not given sufficient weighting and this can have severe knock- on effects on physical and mental health. When the brain is forced to concentrate on managing pain that could be corrected by surgical intervention, relationships and capacity to function in a working or social environment deteriorate . In some cases, the longer the queue for elective surgery may lead to irreparable damage.


I guess I don’t post enough for people to realise I am sarcastic 99% of the time.

FWIW I think the private health system is a scouge on society and for every day we move closer to a US-style health system is a day closer to the end of the free world. This paragraph is not sarcasm.


Who could tell.

It’s been fkn auto corrected to almost illegible! :laughing: