What annoys you?


I’m so sorry sir - I’m afraid the Chef refuses…I say…absolutely refuses, to serve burnt steak in this establishment.

farkorf idiot

And don’t tell me what over-priced grape juice to have with my meal either, ■■■■■■■■.


Where you folk eating? Sure, get picky at your local, but fine dining chefs know best.

Some of the best meals I’ve had is where the chef just asks you what you like, and he cooks it. No menus nothin.


No - they really don’t.
I know what I like to eat best.
A chef doesn’t know me from a bar of soap. Has no idea what I know. What my tastes are, what experience/s I have. Don’t farking tell me what I like.


You will be told what you like and YOU WILL LIKE IT.


$1,850 mechanic bill.

Money flowing out like a waterfall this month.


I like people who order well done.

Your getting the worst piece off meat and paying full price.

Your subsidising those of us with taste.



But you are choosing to eat what they’re serving.
You’ve gone to their restaurant.
You’ve already ceded 95% of choice
They’re setting the menu
They’re making the sauces
They’re buying the raw produce
Etc etc

You’re just gripping onto that last little bit, for grim death.

Plenty of places sell steak well-done enough for baby boomers: Mathers, Williams, Julius Marlow, Wittner, Spendless if you’re on a budget…


What a crock.


Baby Boomers invented Rare and Blue steaks


Must just be all the oldies I know who like it cooked, turned over, cooked again, then cooked for a little bit longer just for good measure.


That was my parents generation, so anyoneborn before 1945


What the fark does it matter how someone likes their meat cooked? Does it fill some obviously massively insecure clowns with a feeling of some sort of smug superiority if your choice is different to theirs? Some people need to get their hands off their koks, wind back their narcissism a few notches, and accept that different people have different tastes, and like different things. Farking tossers .


Applies to beer as well


Restaurants will definitely refuse if you ask for your beer extra well done, with mushroom sauce.



Edit: And completely healthy babies.


Just had one of the all-time great ‘what fors’ with jnr diggers’ #2 principal and deputy principal. You know that kind of discussion you have where you make every point you want to make really well, then some more?

Those two will never forget that meeting.


Applies to tofu as well! I prefer marinated rather than blistered.


Farkers who scrape the side of your car when reversing out of a parking space and don’t have the courtesy to even leave you a note.

Mrs Furious came back from shopping yesterday to find a 20cm-long scrape on the side of the car, complete with added white paint. Now we have to sort it out with insurance, which probably means a couple of hundred in excess fees, then have to sort out having the paint-protection re-applied (lease car). What a PITA.



I take it Mrs Furious was even more furious than usual.


She scares me sometimes.