What annoys you?


they’re not cheap tyres


No, the bastards are not.
19 inch Pirellis.


there’s tongs now with a built in thermometer…



Trying to sell you something you don’t really need, like “air fryers”. I’ve already got one… it’s called an oven.



So longer if the customer is an idiot?


Stop doing donuts then.


you cook your steaks in your oven?


ha, no… I use a pan. But I don’t need an air fryer to cook chips or whatever when I already have an oven!


I wish.
My car, him no do donuts.
Him SUV with diesel enjin.
No donuts car.

You car, him do donuts?


Big car dealer service department sms’s: “your car hasn’t been serviced in 9months. Please book in as soon as possible.”

My car is out of warranty and I’m not paying $280 for your service when I haven’t even reached the 90,000km mark. Can get a log book service at half the price when I reach the km’s from a cheaper mechanic (Goodyear)


How many km you get out of the pirellis? 17"suv style?


19 inch Pirelli Scorpion Verde. You could expect 60,000 kms. Mine are on a Hyundai Santa Fe.
Grip well, wet or dry, fine for firetrails and stuff (ie not heavy off road use), comfortable, pretty quiet. Very nice tyres.


I just hopped on a tram in Port Melb with about 10 others

I was the only one to touch on with Myki


Such a conformist.


Maybe they’re all plain-clothes ticket inspectors?


the bigger question… do you touch off?
You are not meant to touch off. But people do and it stuffs up the flow.
Stupid PTV for making it touch off in the first place.

end rant


Is that just for Trams then?

You can’t get out of Flinders Richmond SC etc w/out touching off??


I quite often get a train, then tram. Touch on and off at train stations at the start and the end of the day - I’m getting charged for a full day. What’s it then matter if I touch on/off in between? Not getting charged any more/less.

-edit- not really directed at you there BF, question’s rhetorical.




Well I actually believe in totally free public transport

WTF do they have Myki if they don’t farking police it

I am gonna talk to Dan about this