What annoys you?


they were catching a heap of them this morning at Elizabeth St roundabout.


I’ve found the key to avoiding PT fines (other than using the Myki system properly) is to look like you can afford it.


Or travel during peak times.


I think the Box Hill tram is the only one that ventures between two different fare Zones. Hence you need to touch off from it.

I haven’t checked recently but the Myki travel record used to be butt ugly if you didn’t touch off.


Wow this thread…where has it been all my life

Footpath drifters…You are walking along about to pass someone and they drift into your path. Then you go around and they drift back…FFS

People who stand on the right side of the escalator
People who walk down the escalator but stop 5 steps from the bottom making everyone else stop!!


Trains can be Zone 1 or Zone 2.
Trams are all Zone 1.

So you need to identify where you get on and off trains, because the charges are different. Trams are only Zone 1, so there’s no differentiation.


Doesn’t the 109 go into zone 2?


I think they changed it so that all trams are Zone 1. 109 does finish in a spot where the nearby train station (Box Hill) is Zone 2…one stop into Zone 2 though.

Of course, each train station knows exactly where it is zone-wise, but when you touch on on a tram, the tram needs GPS to know where it is at the time. It was considered easier, and not that much of a cost to say “bugger it, all trams are Zone 1”.

The company I was working for at the time did a lot of that sort of work, and we were asking ourselves who the clown was who didn’t realise that on Day 1. It was bad enough putting ticket machines on new trams…imagine them on the old clunkers that were still in service back then and adding GPS tools into them.


Rich people don’t catch PT, they have drivers.


I said “look like”


Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.
But it seems that when I’m walking, it’s always me that has to swerve/dodge/angle out of the way of oncoming people. I swear, one day, I’m just going to fold my arms and farkin crash through whoever doesn’t bother moving at least halfway.


I found that the odd Billy Slater from time to time is very therapeutic.
I seem to particularly enjoy it with flogs on phones who aren’t even looking where they’re walking.


I’ve taken to standing still and forcing them to walk around me. One day, someone actually said thank you. One day I’ll get an apology.


I was walking under cover and almost got scalped by a umbrella because I was meant to get out of her way and walk in the rain. She copped an ear full


You guys don’t sound very good at walking.


Diggers is a tradie from WA in the era of the mining boom. He’s got 6 XR8 utes, all coated in different precious metals.
Tires? Pfft.


Nothing more dangerous on Swanston St in Winter than a 4’6” international student type with a hello kitty umbrella, fully engrossed in whatever they’re doing on their gigantic smart phone. You better believe they’ll try and get onto a tram with it still out.


you can use the new extension of the 75 on a zone 2 ticket. It has to be, or there’d be bits of zone 1 outside bits of zone 2.


One of the joys of owning a dog. Me too but I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have a great dog for company.


I am greatly - some would say a little overly so - annoyed at people beginning sentences with 'I just…'
Makes me want to stab them in the face.