What annoys you?


Yeah people who walk whilst using their mobile phone. Pull over out of the way ya morons


I just don’t understand that mate.



That’s absurd.

I’ve never had that issue in NYC though, and tipping is fine once you get the hang of it.


most other people


I’ve got two butt plugs spare. One of them hasn’t been used



It took a disturbingly long time to post that disturbingly disturbing response.


I’d run out of ear plugs


A work christmas party on the 17th november?Yeag ggf - christmas is still over a month away.
The cynic in me believes some scrooge had the idea they could save money by having the christmas party in november smh.


or someone ■■■■■■ up and didn’t book early enough


This early? Surely you would be safe to find something for december in october.


I had a bit of exposure to the catering industry, its ■■■■■■.


Fair enough - based on what I think about the company I work for, I’m 100% sure they’re being tight arses though. Looks like they’ve got an excuse lined up if anyone asks though based on what you’re telling me.


oh you’re probably definitely right, the choice places will have been booked out pretty quickly. But catering goes into venue info and its totally ■■■■■■.

Once heard of a baby’s first birthday venue being booked out a year in advanced.


Not to mention it being the most disturbing non sequitur I have ever encountered.


I don’t know what that means but I’ll take it as a compliment


Everytime I see this thread title I just think to myself “what farking doesn’t annoy me?”

OK as you were.


Do you have people starting leave that early?


I work for a company that usually has 1 in Nov and 1 in Dec so all of the shifts get covered.