What annoys you?


Over 300 people work in my company - a lot of them are in commercial so I assume they would have to take some leave over christmas. Our unit got bought out by this company so not sure how theyve done things previously. Doubt they’re trying to cater for people going on leave as I dont think anybody would start their breaks that early. No such luck for me as I’ve got to work through christmas although we do get the public holidays off.


gotta love nbn, get told we’re good to go, try to connect, somethings ■■■■■■ up in the pit need to wait 2 weeks for an nbn technician. colour me surprised.


I’m looking forward to the Royal Commission on the ■■■■ up of the NBN. Heads should roll.


Hopefully they’ll roll faster than the roll out.



Yep, after a few days got used to it. Went to Las Vegas after that, was an expert tipper by then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is EFC mucking Baguley around?


If you call telling him to ‘wait a bit to finalise his contract because its details and maybe even its existence relies a bit on the trade period - after all - you’re 31’…then yes, we’re mucking him around.


I’m not at the stage where everything annoys me, but I kind of can’t wait until I am.


I can do it for you right now if you want?


Avoid the wait and get annoyed now.


Ok, I’ll start from this point; I’m friggin’ annoyed that I’m not annoyed at everything!!!


Drove a couple of hundred Ks each way over the long weekend for a camping trip.

There should be a special, particularly nasty level of hell set aside for those who drive at 90 in a 110 zone, until they reach an overtaking lane and speed up to 115.

May they rot.



Seriously, the 3 months a year where students are on leave is not enough? Never had these when I was a kid. Puts a lot of strain on working parents.


110 km limits…looxury


We’ve always been a very progressive state.


Sorry mate.
Trouble is I knew it was you so I had to do it.
If not for boredom it would have been 60.


Fecking Hyundai drivers…


Cough sickie cough.


■■■■■■■ lazy mothers and taking their kids to play centres on the holidays.

Play centres are not free child minding places. You have to watch your ■■■■■■■■ kids and not just sit on your fat overweight ■■■■ at a table and gasbag with your friends.

I had one kid yank my son’s hair and push him down the stairs at Lollipops and when I went to confront the mum as this little ■■■■ did it to others, She had a go at me saying their kid would only retaliate and not do it on purpose.

Another kid just walked up and pinched chips off my both my son’s plate when eating lunch (same group of mum’s) and off empty tables with their plates on them. Another adult intervened and let the mum know after a good 20minutes.

Seriously. These joints get worse each year with mum’s using this as a cheap child minding joint.


Agreed. I don’t take the kids to them anymore.