What annoys you?


It’s chaos down my way and staff don’t care. I got told my son (4yrs old) couldn’t be in the toddler area as he is too old and could hurt the little ones with his tower of foam blocks (at the time there were 2 other kids, 1 being my 18month old). But they let 3year olds in there 30mins later who were belting each other with the big cubes and mats.


And they are cesspools of disease too. Stay away.


Beat me to it.

This is the main reason for staying away from playcentres. I dread being invited to birthday parties.

I soak the kids in dettol as soon they get home.


That ■■■■■■■ Italian pasta ad with Federer in it that has GREEK music playing in the background.


Is there any real difference between Italians and Greeks?




I will find you.
And I will kill you.


Nope. They all look, sound & speak the same. Oh and they eat the same food.

It’d all be Greek to you.


Obviously one are a warm, welcoming people with a rich history and a love of good food, while the others are all arrogant jerks.


People with considerably more than 12 items using the 12 items or less aisle in the supermarket. Can’t you farking count?


Harsh on italians


but…they’re all cans…!


Bend over while I explain it to you.


I refuse to go during the school holidays or weekends. Much quieter during the week for my tiny 3yo.

Although we went to a new one in Braybrook recently that’s HUGE and actually had staff everywhere controlling the kids.


They are awesome fun, though. For the kids, I mean…


Down the highway and turn right.


Your right or my right?


Something I rarely say…you’re right


When people, like Nick Dal Santo, tweet that Dylan Shiel should be “weary” of going to the Hawks. It’s ■■■■■■■ WARY.


Actually that is a very good question.

The real test is if you fall in love with a girl with either Greek or Italian heritage.

The Italian Mother is very watchful and threating; the Italian Father is not that interested, except if you are not Catholic.

The Greek Mother cares more about the boyfriend than her daughter; the Greek Father wants to know how much money you earn.