What annoys you?


What rubbish.
That may be your experience (or not) but not any kind of indication of the two nationalities.


yeah i had the fortune of four day working weeks for a few months and went to the play centers on weekdays when i could, it was prime time for it. i even jumped around on the jumping castle like an idiot.


People who pass judgement on other people’s parenting skills when they’ve never had kids.

PS has nothing to do with the above play centre theme.


My inability to cope with spinning rides. Just got home from a day at Luna park with kids and feel like I need a spew.
Is this an adult thing, I loved rides like the enterprise as a kid?


The truth probably Mr Ham, is that neither sets of parent were probably happy at all with the prospect of me as a son-in-law. And given my subsequent history, they were very inciteful !


It’s an adult thing. As you age, the balance and spacial systems in the ear and brain don’t work as well as they used to.


Lack of signage to indicate end of road work. And seriously we have a lot of it…


I had one kid bite my boy. I confronted the mother who didn’t even apologize. She just got up and went and saw her kid.


If only there was a place I could post my dissatisfaction with people that think this?


Also can be if have you put on weight since??

Centrifugal Force + extra MASS = a shitload more pressure on internal organs.


What’s even worse are ‘60’ signs on the freeway because of roadworks but then there are no roadworks.


Yes seriously annoying. We are the road wank capital of the universe.


The toll part of the tulla fwy being 80 kms. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting:

Get ■■■■■■ vicroads you morons.


And despite the absence of road workers near said 60k signs you will ALWAYS see a TOG car lurking.


Yeah, souvlaki vs pizza. Why can’t we have both


Often the signage stays in place because its placement and removal is one of the most dagerous activities. No doubt though, empty/inactive sites breeds complacency re speed limits





Por favor


You throwing Spanish into the mix now too?



Doesn’t help for people that can’t read…sorry Dingus.