What annoys you?


When Noonan met Dickface it was a nice tight bond that could never be broken…


When some dumb ■■■■ nearly crashes into your car on the eastern because he doesn’t look when turning, then proceeds to slow down in the right lane and when you try and overtake goes up to 120kms and you can’t get past. Some people are just cnuts.


Aren’t they though??

Dealt with one this arvo that has left me without NBN.

Put in an order with a mob on the net, … asked if I wanted the connection to happen at a later date, … fill in Yes, thanks, … start my service on the 11th, . (a day before period runs out with present provider),… Thanks it says, … you’ll get an email confirming shortly.

6 days pass, … no email, … so I call today and say WTF?? did you get my order?? I have no email confirming??

I’ll put you through to this other dept, … ok I say, … cool!

Get on with a con man called George, . "Are you saying you want this done on the 11th??? Yes mate, . 'swat it says yeah?

Ok right, . it;s just it can take up to 2 to 5 days to make it happen, … do you want me to initialise it now??

I researched about 10 websites that say it takes about a half to 1 hour mate, … what do you mean? Really?? says he, … I work in this all the time and I’ve never heard that, … it usually takes 2 to 5, … can you send me links to that?

“Google How long does NBN churn take? It’s the first 10 results, …” I say.

Anyway, … somehow I end up saying, … whatever you need to do mate, … you’re the one that does it all the time, … as long as it happens on the 11th.

No worries, … it may be the 10th, a day earlier, . but at least this way we’ll be sure, . I’ll send that email.

Ok, . and when you do, . I’ll send you that Google search, Righto hoo roo.

1 hr later, … I’m without NBN, … he sent the request, and my provider has disconnected me, … a week early, and with 40 gig of data still to be used.

I ring them, … They’ve just done it he says … it has nought to do with us, … What? I say I didn’t authorise that, … HTF did you let them do that?

Out of our hands he says, … they don’t need our permission.

I’m dumbstruck.

As I talk, he sees my lines become active, … (has to be with Flip, . new ISP), … so I check for email with log in deets, … farking nothing.

It seems this fker has conned me completely to do it right then & there, … so HE could get the Commission for the fkn sale, … or, … he’s a complete fkn moron, … AND late on a FRIDAY fkn Arvo, … so there’s sweet fa I can do about it (most likely) until after the W/end.

There’s a few fkers going to get an earful tomorrow and/or Monday, … I shitt you not.

Fk you George, you greedy prick.


Now…I don’t condone the language in this video, or agree with the stereotypes portrayed…but this is a classic cover of a ST track by Body Count (Ice T).

Your day tomorrow starts at 1.20, but it’s worth watching the whole track.


Can I just reiterate this sentiment, …


So, . I got onto a bloke called Jason who had no idea why George did what George did, … sent me my deets, helped me config the modem & I was back on in 5 minutes.

Also said because of the fk up he would organise a credit for the 1st month of service.

Jason fkn Rules!! headbanger

George is still a prick.


hahahahahahaha…poor George.
Nah, fark George.


ellipses… every three words…


George is a ripper bloke!

Jason is just another brown nose …


Horse racing, people who watch it, people who attend it, people who have a fleeting interest in it. It’s the most base form of entertainment


I can think of baser forms of entertainment.
Are you sure you can’t?


Wrestling…UFC…and I’m just getting started.

My nephew had a winner at the Valley last night…paid $10.30. Noice!


I, also, picked a winner last night.



I think about them constantly!!


Whipping an animal while riding on top of it to make it run faster than another horse is entertainment?


Yeah, I’m not much into horse racing, but I’m fairly sure that they aren’t really hurt., Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. I’d rather they weren’t used the way they are…but it’s probably better than beasts of burden, don’t you think?


I couldn’t care less about the pain. Its just a fkg unimaginative means to achieve something.


You think there should be an obstacle course in the middle?


Probably not