What annoys you?


Yeah. I do understand the sentiment.
How would you feel, as a thought-experiment, if crops were banned outright?


Sorry, just trying to be imaginative.

My suggested changes to golf didn’t go well with a friend today, either.


I’m struggling to think of a downside to banning the crop in racing, but I don’t really follow closely enough to know. Shouldn’t the handicapping sort it all out? Have they studied the pain/discomfort to the horses?

In a similar (not really) vein, I’d be fine with all forms of hunting if the firearms and bows were banned.
Kill a lion from the safety of a special hide, with a Shotgun + scope, a few 4WDs + 2 paid armed guards + scouts/trackers?? Yeah, nah. Kill it with a stick or your bare hands, and I’ll be impressed.

Even more so for ducks.


Seriously, ■■■■ ducks.


Always found chickens easier to catch.




What the whip is called.


They changed the crop to something that makes noise over a decade ago.

There was some…kind of creepy footage of a couple of old guys on foxtel’s Back Page(?) beating the hell out of each other with it and feeling nothing.


Ahh, … was just thinking this was an activist issue 4 or 5 years ago, … and I’ve heard nothing about it since.

That would explain why.


So in that case, it’s more a matter of your thoughts on how racehorses are treated in general compared to other domestic animals, and the racing part itself, @alex.f.94


No I just think it’s a stupid form of entertainment. Any animal racing really.


Hey!! There’s nothing wrong with crayfish racing


My big sister and I used to race snails from the centre of the table to the edge, when we were little. About to see her for the first time in 12 years next week. Have to remind her.


Dog racing is disgusting. That former test captain was up to his eyes in it and it’s all crooked as a… hey wait a minute, how does that finish?


UFC rocks. Fighters trained in mixed martial arts battling each other. Conor vs Khabib tomorrow morning.


Khabib, please.


Kebab please


Well banning the whip and guess what, a horse still winning every race


Ryan’s mother, Ryan’s father, Ryan…


Cretins and morons