What annoys you?


Booooooooooo. :grin:


Skyping in public without headphones.

Inconsiderate morons.


You want Man vs Beast?


A bit of Christian vs Lion allways went down well.


‘orange is the new Brown’ looks pathetic. I am already annoyed at it.


I think its hundreds that are put down every year as a result of injury, so there’s also that


Yeah, that’s pretty awful.


there’s also the argument that they wouldn’t be alive in the first place if it wasn’t for racing, because they’re bred solely for that


I’d rather not be born than strapped in a harness and whipped by a midget.



^^^You forgot… and then being put out to stud for the next 20 years.


I feel like you’re not quite disclosing all the relevant information, either.





If the advertising projected onto the Opera House pays for maintenance in keeping the joint nice instead of QC taxpayer having to fork out dough, then great more historical places should do it. Whingers should ■■■■ off!
But if the dough from the advertising lines pockets of politicians, then tell the politicians to ■■■■ off!


image https://i.imgur.com/8mYzuRk_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium


Nope, no-where near the worst thing.

Daughters bringing home boyfriends

Police bringing home Sons

Police taking Sons away from home.


Ok, so I’ve got these things to look forward to then? Greeeeeaat.

I’ll just enjoy my elf thing for now then.


bit of a gender divide, and here i thought labor was progressive.



My boys never bought home girlfriends. That probably answers all

Labor is progressive.


When it ■■■■■■ down for a week in QLD, and the “games room” advertised in the “family friendly” resort turns out to now be set up for that fun game of yoga…