What annoys you?


And if you have Private Health,… even just Extras, … some Funds will refund your Ambo Sub. all of it.

I was amazed at that too, … I’m with LaTrobe FTR.


Some funds will dodge out of it, too. Pay for the ambulance, but not for the MICA car. Amazing.


At least they didnt tell you they’d run out of chicken.

The following is all true.

We’ve got a new mega one down here with 2 drive throughs, playground you can see from space etc, which provided me with the most impressive fast food drive way experience of my life to date. Every post was a winner.

i entered the drive through of said premises and ordered probably the most basic meal at any maccas establishment any where in the world, a medium Big Mac meal, but with a coffee also. they got the order wrong at the screen bit, showed it on the screen, fixed the order up, showed it again but for a split second so I couldn’t check it as asked. After that split second they asked again if there was anything else I wanted.

It gets better

I got to the pay window and i was asked if this was my order and it turned out to be the guy in front of me who was in the process of pulling over to wait for it to get made. There didn’t appear to be a waiting bay set up either. Then they got mine right, charged me correctly and instructed me to go straight to the coffee bit, number 4. I had ordered coffee but also a meal so I had the sense to pull up at three. Got the bag, opened it and said do you want me to run it over to the guy who’d pulled over while you get mine right or can you handle it yourself.

Waited 2 minutes and got the correct order and actually got the right coffee at the end. Then I had to wait while the builders demolishing the old maccas moved from having smoko in the middle of the new driveway.

At least it has a well run mcafe. Compared to the rest of the process line. And the worse bit was all the people in the background where doing the casual talk thing about what happened on the weekend and who’s turn it was to bat off in the special sauce or whatever, completely oblivious to the comedy going on in the drive through. Like they do I’m hungry jacks or whatever. And the shift manager was a pimply teenager who clearly had no control over any aspect, and as much respect as you’d afford a pimply teenager who was in charge.

And yes I know it’s eeriely similar to the weird al sing but it’s 100 pc tue, apart from the emptying the ballast into the mix. I thought it tasted a bit salty come to think of it.

Can any of you beat that.


What are you people expecting when you go to maccas?


But this is the thing, in tassie they usually run like clockwork, so you take it for granted, any screw up stands out. Saying that I’ve never been to one on the other island


Only good thing about macca’s is that you probably won’t get food poisining, unlike a number of shithouse filthy restaurants that are around.


especially if you throw it out, rather than eating it, because it’s awful inedible ■■■■■.


Running into the back of someone’s car a week before Christmas and having to pay an excess of $650. FFS.

Edit: And being stuck on the phone with AAMI and having the person on the other end having English skills that means she can’t spell “Mill Park”.


Radio announcers who talk over the music. STFU!


luuuckyyyyy you’re with AAMI


Not annoys me as such, but…why doesn’t Fox have the NTFL?
I mean, they’re not playing this weekend anyway, but…I reckon I’d probably get behind the Tiwi Bombers if they played them live.


The ad chicks are cute, but.


NITV have it sometimes.


I’ll keep an eye out in Jan.


Don’t be fooled by health insurance ambo cover. Emergency only. Transport, btwn hospitals eg not covered! Get ambo sub. Cheap as ■■■■, could save u a fortune.


I have it.
Insurance racketeers do not fool me one bit.


Idiots at the supermarket. Firstly brings bags that don’t fit safely into the allocated area, then rations them to the register dude, then gets sh1tty when they have become unstable.

Says that he is paying with a $20 card, but first, can the register dude check how much is on the unused card? FFS!

Finally, he is disappointed that there is only $20 on the $20 card and pays for the rest reluctantly on his credit card…


Sorry Hoffy, I’ll let you get in front of me next time!


Deadset anyone over 50 should be banned from the self checkout. Why do people go through there with a whole trolley’s worth anyway?


I refuse to use the self checkout.

Morally opposed to the things, they’re just costing jobs.

They ask if I want to, … I ask if I’ll receive staff discount, …

No?? Ok, I’ll keep one of our local people employed then.