What annoys you?


…intentionally to try and keep you at a certain speed because they are the SPEED COPS


That’s pretty hurtful.
I was particularly proud of my efforts there.


And I always looooove the look you generally get with this (unless they are completely oblivious to anything & everything around them which is true of some) when you have to merge left to get around them and then cut back right quickly to beat the gap from the slower moving cars actually doing the right thing.

It’s like you are doing the wrong thing and inconveniencing them.


I was impressed by “second time”. Must mean second time today.


The classic one is you put your indicator on to get into the right lane, and schumacher behind you pulls out and puts the foot down before you even get to look at the mirror, let alone make the lanechange


No horn beeping in Italy, huh ? Must have changed a great deal from my last visit.


The AFL media. Having lived and worked overseas makes you realise just how poor the coverage is here. It was magnified recently with the draft where ‘kids’ were providing much of the analysis and insight. Some of the commentators are at a level where they get the names mixed up, or lack depth of understanding around players which is just ■■■■■■ cringeworthy. Then of course there was the coverage of the saga…


Monbulk Aquatic Center:

Got told off for not having my 5 year old within arm distance of myself and my 2 year old in the water (when sign says UNDER 5). I pointed this out to then be told that I was in the wrong.

Then got told off for lifting my 5 year old and dropping him in the water. Being told it’s not safe and I was chucking him.

Last straw was when my wife took a photo of him (5 year old) going through the water jets for first time ever with no other kid in the shot) Apparently we need permission and he needs a lanyard to say he can have a photo.

All within 40 minutes. Not to mention she never spoke to the dad taking photos of kids rough playing in the main pool.

She was on the warpath with parents in the kids pool. Even told off someone letting their under 2 year old sit on the ledge whilst being in arms reach.


Alot of times it is used to warn on coming traffic when yuou are going around a bend on the mountains


Having a slow-motion close up shot of Virat Kohli after every farking ball of the test match. Give it a farking rest.


The traffic flow around DFO Essendon is an absolute disaster. People who designed the roads there should be shot and delisted.


We were saying this just this arvo.
If the place were designed by eager school kids, I could forgive them. The center capacity/car parking space/freeway access - one way in/out - you know, kids.



We’d shoot them and put them on the rookie list.


It’s almost as if DFOs were built at airports to exploit a loophole that exempts them from some planning regulations…


Don’t worry - all that’s needed is a plane crashing into it and a mass evacuation disaster, and all will be rectified.


The fact that both the entry and exit for the whole ■■■■■■■ centre is funnelled through a roundabout, is just abysmal. I reckon I saw 10 near collisions while trying to exit today through people’s sheer frustration at not being able to get through it. Surely a couple of lanes flowing in and then out of the centre would have been better than a roundabout?


And you need more than one exit. The place is a ■■■■■■■ disaster waiting to happen.


just get rid of dfo.


Does anyone actually believe items are cheaper at DFO than standard shops?


Most are as they are old season stuff.