What annoys you?


Wow. I live on Tramadol, never had a problem.


I thought tramadol was the ‘clean’ one, endone is all kinds of ■■■■■■ up


Yep, too much endone can certainly fark you up. Had quite a bit of that when I had cancer. Was a serious space cadet at times.


Thanks @FurryLog, am using them sparingly, as they make my head spin, but they have taken care of the pain.


Well so far so good.

Mrs Fox decided to water her hanging plants, hanging over my new handiwork. She is a water conservation nightmare, so the new deck got wet.

It was not slipery at all, in fact much better than the merbau it replaced.


When you search everywhere for the tv remote. Chucking cushions, lifting coffee tables, looking under things with phone torch. You sit down on the couch for a rest and there it is upside down on the cushion next to ya.


Holy ■■■■! The tree has its own ■■■■ bag :grin::grin::laughing::rofl:




I’ll second that! I was prescribed a decent whack of them in recovery from ACL surgery a few years ago. I stopped taking them after only a few days. The pain from my knee was infinitely preferable to the hallucinations and general zonked-out effect that those pills had on me.

Edit: It may have been Endone now I think about it. I can’t quite remember now, but it left me all kinds of ■■■■■■-up whichever one it was…


I take 2 x Tramadol 200, and 3 x Tramadol 50 every day without any side effects.
Well apart from the fact my pupils are so small the optometrist can’t see through them to check the inside of my eyes.

Endone on the other hand, in those dosages, would make a real mess.


Had tramadol a few times when my back has gone on me.

It makes me drowsy, but can’t say it’s made me hallucinate. Mores the pity.


It’s odd it would have any hallucinatory effects really. It’s simply a synthetic codeine analogue, which, like it, metabolises into Morphine in the body.

A little research shows there’s no contraindications for hallucinations from use,… but there have been reported instances of it from withdrawal.


Different people, different reactions.


Don’t know if you have caught the NTFL GF from 2018 yet, or know the result, but I watched a replay yesterday, and it’s a cracking game, with a super tense last stanza, & a less than a Goal in it end result.

Currently playing again right now on NITV, and no doubt up on the SBS on demand and/or youtube to watch anytime.

Made for a perfect mid off season Footy Fix. :+1:


Unfortunately I’m on holiday, and I have very poor interwebs (and no Fox) which I’m sure has been noted and appreciated.


Me, with aspirin. Face blows up, eyes close.


Which is to say, it’s freely available, and it sucks that you can’t watch it. NITV replay it about once a fortnight too…


That wouldn’t be much fun.

Me with aspirin. Have you got anything that works?


Also,… here’s the Tiwi Bombers last match from a fortnight ago, …

And their next match is on this weekend, and should be live on that Utube page.


Obviously a great drug for some and not trying to pot Tramadol.

Awesome for those of you who need it and it works better for you than the dirty End_one and Oxy!

Just mentioning it’s not all smooth sailing.

A female team member from work had it earlier this year. After a few days she was hospitalised because of she was acting odd then had to be restrained after attacking an orderly. She is salt of the earth and a pacifist. Would not hurt a fly. Took them a little while to realise it was because she was on Tramadol.