What annoys you?


Didn’t think you were mate, … just never heard of such things,… and as I say, it supposedly metabs into the same thing inside the body as any other opioid,and hallucinations in that case would be the last of the affects you’d inherently expect … so I’m very curious if it is a thing, as I’ve ever heard it before, … but the fact it is “Synthetic” does make you wonder …


All opioids have some risk, they’re all potentially nasty.


Hallucinations are a possible side effect, but they are rare.


You mean the Angry Pills?


I think your being too literal with the word hallucinations, i.e. visual hallucinations.

Opioids absolutely cause dream like states, altered states of consciousness etc. Someone could easily describe that experience as hallucinating.


I know someone who used to take tramadol, and they were so bunged up they pretty much need a hammer and a chisel to get some movement.


Yeah, well that’ll learn 'em.
You’re supposed to take them orally.


Opiates will do that to you.

Targin is better though.


Isn’t that a mix go oxycodone and naloxone?


David Warner


Oh yes indeedy! It zips you up good and proper!! Which is probably as uncomfortable as the original complaint.
Codeine-based cough mixtures do the same thing.


Certainly doesn’t do that to me.


bomberblitz and bowel movements… I think this site has finally bottomed out.


Yep, it’s what they give as first go opiate after surgery at work.


I guess the naloxone would help prevent addiction problems, so that would seem a pretty good idea.


Got one of those ‘tiles’ for Christmas, that locate whatever you attach them to via your phone - have attached it to my keys. Thinking of getting one for the remote, and my phone.




They work on a Bluetooth thing, via your phone - but it works both ways. You can press a button on the tile to locate your phone. But you can also have multiple ones on various devices. I’m not explaining it well. It’s a tracker. Hang on…


RFID tags

edit - maybe not - bluetooth??


Seeing some people walking their dogs during the day in today’s heat