What annoys you?


I miss sega tennis




Particularly if you’re on a gay pick up site!

I’ll let myself out


Restaurants serving via Uber eats, when you’re dining in or waiting for take away.

Ffs, you make more from my order than the lazy ■■■ people who don’t bother to come in and say hello.

The least you could do is get my order made on time and not frick it up.


I’m getting a bit sick of all this Marie Kondo bulldust.

Who wants to be spartan and minimalist? I’ve got books and DVDs all over the joint.

She can ■■■■ off right back to Japan as far as I’m concerned.


Yeah, but your a grumpy old messy hoarder who’s going to croak on a house fire fueled by bundles of yellowed old newspapers from the 1800’s.


That was the guy who lived over the road from me in Ormond.

Lived with his mum, who’d kicked off a few years before, then he dropped off from the Bengal Lancer, and left his house to the Flying Doctor.

The only time I’d ever spoken to him was when my cat kicked the suitcase out of his wimpy cat and he got caught in the crossfire. Lots of scratches, lots of disinfectant.

Anyhow, the cleaner has come in, and his first gig was to remove a poultice of said yellowed newspapers and National Geographics. I was halfway across the street when I realised why the newspapers were yellowed. Those cats of his weren’t too flash with the house training and had severe bladder problems.

Very strong smell of ammonia, even in the open air.

And now my mum has dropped off the twig, I don’t need a ■■■■ buddy…that mate who comes around and removes all the one-handed magazines before your mum gets round there to organise your clothes for the funeral. Not that I have any anyway. They all went in the recycling when i moved.


:thinking: You moved to a nudist colony…?


Punctuation could have been better. I was referring to the stick mags.


She’s not actually about minimalism. If all the books and DVDs make you happy she’d tell you to keep them but just have good storage for them


It’s called the living room…and the study…and the books are in bookcases in the rumpus room.

I still reckon it’s a giant flog.

The only place I could seriously do with it is in the pantry and kitchen.


I am not sure if it annoys me or just amuses me in an annoying way, but everyone seems to be a Doctor these days.

Now there are the real doctors of course, those who did a PhD, even perhaps on obscure topics like “Stimulatory Response of the Phylum Arthropoda” which a good mate of mine did (Dr Cockroach) and blokes like my GP from Sri Lanka, whose name is 17 letters long, so he is called Dr Yoda.

Dentists are Dr Dentist, Vets are Dr Vet and now I find my Osteopath is to be called Doctor as well.

So I now proclaim the Rule of the Fox - Number 37.

Koala is now Dr Koala because of skills in life, organisation and for being very nice.
Dingus is Dr Dingus, Doctor of the dry wit.

I will add more shortly.


Being a CEO of your own startup when you’re really just self employed. Dunno whether it’s either light humoured or a massive power trip and ego stroke?

It probably started in Silicon Valley.


Bacchusfox is Dr Divorce.


When you go to undo something and you manage to get all the nuts undone except the last one.


I love undoing somthing and getting my nuts undone. Reminds me I need to adjust the bed.


Particularly if you are a vet.


Average spend is higher on delivery orders across the board, so chances are they are making more off UE, even with 30% commission.


News reader wearing granny knickers… ewww! You can see the bastards through her see through dress!


A mate of mine is Dr Beer.