What the fark was that? - the Mr Robot thread


I don’t think they will pull the trigger on time travel. I think Esmail even confirmed as much in an interview prior to this season. I feel like the BTTF2 references may now start to subside actually. I base that on the conversations that Eliot was having in the line at the cinema - where several people discussed complex explanations of BTTF2 and one women said “no it’s much simpler than that - it’s about how one mistake can change the world”.

I really liked the ep.

Does anyone else want to try the popcorn and M&Ms thing?


Good stuff. Keep plugging away. The first half of season 2 is pretty slow, but persist.
It gets much much better (season 3 has been phenomenal).


You’re probably right. But that would make the ‘reality’ and ‘time travel’ elements, both pretty big Chekhov Guns or unnecessary Red Herrings, which for me would detract from an otherwise brilliant show. But he might come up with some other way of making meaningful use of them without involving actual time travel. Will wait and see.


I still think there will be something along those lines, I just don’t think it’s time travel. I still think it’s a quantum computer which can mess with reality or something similar. They didn’t make a big deal of showing us the Washington Township plant in the first ep for no reason (I hope).


Definitely agree the quantum computer thing would be the mechanism by which reality becomes altered. Whether what this does could be called time travel might remain up for debate, but in essence I think it will be the same thing: at some point in the past the reality waveform will recollapse into a new reality due to activity of the quantum computer thing.


Nice little table setting episode to set up the finale. How is Elliot going to save Darlene? And why has Angela gone completely off the rails?


That final scene with Whiterose was quite something; some incredible acting from BD Wong.

I still don’t buy that whole submissive act, there is no way she’s gonna let Elliott be killed unless it’s her decison, and her way.

I reckon we didn’t get the full story that episode on a few things, which will make more sense next week.

Were Darlene and Dom playing the crooked FBI guy? Was Whiterose playing her assistant? Is Elliott playing Darlene? How is Joey Badass so friggin cool?

Big finale coming up.


It’s weird; for a show that has nailed its depiction of mental illness all the way through, Angela going all old school ‘cuckoo’ is a bit strange.

It could be some side effect of the brainwashing?


I think you’re right. It’s to show the extent that she has been brainwashed.

I think the final episode needs to make it clear exactly what’s going on with the Whiterose plan / plant. They have been skirting around it all season. Last episode was the first one where a character explicitly asked Angela what she thinks is going on. I don’t need an answer as to whether it’s real, but I need to know what the ‘something’ is.


It’s unbelievable how good this show is.

That is all.


I think it’s one that will catch on big time after it’s initial run on TV when people discover it on Netflix or something. Much like the Wire.


I’ve always been partial to Christian Slater, though his acting style is samey and naf, it suits the Mr Robot character down to the ground.

But it’s the supporting cast that makes the show. Minor characters like Joey Bada$$, the dark web guy from last season and BD Wong (though not minor as such) are so well played and have huge impact on the storyline.

Pending the wrap up, this could be a TV masterpiece.


Oh man, Irving going full psycho with the axe was awesomely terrifying.

A great episode to end a tremendous season.

Also, was the guy in the post-credits scene the drug dealer from season one?


Yeah he was. I always found that guy a bit irritating so that post credits scene was a bit of a let down for me, pretty pointless.

But it was a great ep regardless. I picked the Price as Angela’s father thing two seasons back, but it was good to have it out in the open.

The scene in the farmhouse was tense af and very well paced.

Seems like we’re now back to the start of season 1, except Elliot now knows who the real bad guys are. Or something?

Still don’t know what the Congo project is, though almost everyone else seems to. We even had the shot of Superman literally turning the world backwards to reverse time, just to rub it in a bit…

Great season. Cleary their best and can’t wait for the final two seasons (or Act 3 as Esmail is calling it).



I must be the dumbest person watching this show because I pretty much never pick what the plot twists are going to be! :laughing:


It’s probably the best season of TV I’ve seen this year (sorry Leftovers).

That scene in the barn - and the lead up to it - was just edge of your seat intense. Having your perceptions of the Dark Army hierarchy pulled apart like that… I honestly thought Irving was a “Skilled Contractor” of sorts, an average guy a little over his head but with a mouth that can cover it up. But nup, he’s a full blown boss.

Leon isn’t just your average foot soldier either.

Friggin awesome.

Yeah, I had wondered, but I thought it was a tad obvious for this show. It does make a heap of sense in hindsight.

I know, I was so bummed out when I realised it was him. Those end credits after the season have been gold the last few years, but this guy? This guy? I hate this guy. Even though season two was off the rails, the small arc with this guy in season 1 is my least favourite part of the whole show so far.


Nearly finished season 2. Just awesome. The whole prison thing was a total head fark, so good. The tension of the last few episodes has just been off the charts


Yeah, I think season 2 is much better on a binge. It certainly makes the prison reveal much harder to pick.

When it was happening week to week… It was a frustrating season, and you had time to pick the prison stuff.

Something seemed off from the get-go in that prison world, but I personally had thought he was in a psych ward.

Plenty of good stuff to come, season 3 is the best of the lot.


Finally finished s.3 after a big holiday season intervention.

Why has the dealer come back? Bummer

Found the Elliott Mr Robert battle started to become a bit grating at times. The hallway walk where he’s throwing himself into the wall etc just felt a little overdone. That said I really enjoyed how they brought it together.

Didn’t pick the Angela thing. Haven’t ever really been interested in her character though to be honest.

Boy did Dom get farked over. Mind you I thought she should of picked the mole a while back. Too many of his decisions didn’t make sense and she’d picked up on all of them. I found it kind of unsatisfying where they left her to be honest.

Still think I enjoyed season 1 the most. I’ll be back for season 4. Excellent recommendation


Just off the plane. Found the Boxed Set is on Qantas, so just watched S1E1. (Skipped to the end of this thread to miss any spoilers). Intriguing so far. Thanks for the alert, SMJ.

Probably will see the remaining episodes/series in the next month of flying.