Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


Paninoteca in Pascoe Vale makes some awesome sandwiches, I had the chicken cottoletta last night and added cacciocavallo cheese and it was dope. They make hand cut chips too and their arancini balls are the business.


Leftover 60 day dry aged t bone. Bernaise sauce. Rocket and spinach greens. Pepper, sea salt and a dash of lemon and rosemary. Sour dough baguette.


■■■■■■ communist!


Keep telling you AN, socialist, stopped being Marxist-Lenist in 1971, when I joined the ALP.

And you only like vegemite because your Mum made you eat it and you were a good little boy in the 1940’s


If you hate Vegemite, you should have your citizenship stripped…and your right to post on Blitz.


Harsh but fair.


Not sure where the vegemite hate is coming from, I reckon there have been times in my life where I’ve had it everyday for a year.
On a side note been really looking forward to a Ruben sandwich ever since I saw a doco on New York. Drive past a place in Ripponlea today called Ruban and thought stuff it I’ll pay $18 dollars for a sandwich, You only live once.
Well, it was a little underwhelming.


If you want a good Reuben or pastrami on rye in Ripponlea, don’t go on a Saturday.

All the best shops will be shut for the Sabbath.


You can’t beat a fritz and tomato sauce on white…


Most breads are better than white bread.


You had me at 60 day aged t bone steak



How are you aging it? I imagine it’s be getting pretty funky by 60 days, most I think I’ve had is 45.


Hope the link works.
I have nothing more to say…except I wish I was there to experience the thing.


From my friendly butcher who does it.


It’s rendinas butchery in case you are interested. There are more photos of the t bone in the cooking thread.


Also it’s not my recipe. It’s from pohs kitchen :



Looks great. I think I’ve seen Guy Grossi do one that way, looks so simple.

I must admit I tend to avoid TBone as I struggle to get an even cook through both pieces of meat.

Here’s an aged one I had in the US (about 20m from the bagel place pictured above) it was 1.25kg, aged 40? days, seared and then sliced and cooked on a salt block.



Roast Pork, a lot of it, dipped in gravy, so it’s only just lubricated enough to swallow. Disproportionately large amount of butter for flavour and bread protection. Soft roll and a few bits of crackle… no(under any circumstances) flavour robbing salads, vegetables, garnishes etc. just meat, fat and crackle. Fark Yeah!


That’s great mate. The key to get it to cook more evenly is to keep it at ambient temperature for a few hours before it goes on the BBQ. That works well on a summer day but in winter I find I need to put it in the oven for about half an hour at about 50 degrees. And of course you need to rest most meat after cooking in scrunched up foil for about ten minutes. You need a super hot BBQ too. Maybe about 400 c. And I do it with the lid down.


I would add coleslaw to that. But sounds great.