Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


Desert nachos?
Do tell


Mixture of Waffles, waffle cones, plain ice cream cones and any other assorted cones that could hold icecream. Smash them all up. Place half in a bowl. Drizzle some in what ever ice magic you like. Add scoops of ice cream you like. Insert deep fried mars bars and snickers. Pour more topping. Add the rest of the smashed cones. Add some crushed nuts and ice cream on top. Drizzle more ice magic and topping. Awesome eating. You could add biscuits if you don’t have enough cones, waffers what ever.
Sometimes with waffers I make ice cream sandwich minis yummo


How are you not dead


Ha ha. Now were talking. Your making me hungry. Might have to give that a go tomorrow.


I’m eating a Nutella sandwich but the breads a little off.
Ruined it a bit


U don’t eat it all the time…pack it for a movie, takem to the footy or for an occasional mung.
I’ll be ■■■■■■ if I had ice cream nachos everyday.


Next time toast the bread 1st.


Look, we let a lot of misspelt or misspelled (I’m sure someone will tell me which ones correct) words through on this site.

But, FFS! It’s un-Australian to not know how to spell VegEmite, unless that’s the Aldi version, then that’s ok.


Fair call. Consider me suitably admonished.

I’ll try to not let that happen again.




Apology accepted.


Fare call, I mean fair call


Ever had left over noodles from the night before?
Pull out 2 rice crispys. Lather with sweet and sour sauce. Stick on some noodles on one, place the other rice crispy on top.
Its an awesome footy snack. Packs well. Goes down a treat with a beer.


Vegemite is the most disgusting thing man has ever invented.

We did the testing for that well known bloke who wanted to copy it. It is made of disgusting ingedients with lots of additives that are not great for anyone. Our laboratory reeked of the stuff for weeks.


I don’t doubt that one bit. The thing with Vegemite is if you were not brought up with it as a young kid you will hate it. Most people from overseas who come here and try it as an adult usually will hate it. Still don’t mind it every now and then.


Use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything. …


One more it’s not a sandwich but close enough is avacado and Vegemite on sour dough toast. There has to be heaps of Vegemite and avacado as well.


I tried one when I was in Edinburgh. Didn’t think a whole lot of it to be honest.


Left over rice that’s gone a bit hard. Cover it with cream and sprinkle it with sugar. Delicious.


Rice cream.
Reminds me of Broome. Had nothing by rice, coconut cream and coconuts.