Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


Check out 5 & Dime in the Melb CBD if you haven’t already. They do a ripper.


5 & Dime in the city do it well.


The best was when travelling in the UK. Chicken and Mango mayonnaise from Greggs… yumo!


Aussie with mushrooms and bacon strips is the custom order for pizza


What, no 'egg ‘n beetroot’???
I was under the impression that that typified Straylian Cuisine!

Edit - I forgot you were responding to my post…disregard this one, as it makes little sense…


Excellent Hangover Sanga ,…

Half toast the bread, … real butter, tasty cheese thin, virtually shaved, … topped with a warm chopped coddled egg, ( … 3 x 10 sec m/wave bursts), grind of black pepper, crisp shredded lettuce on that, spread Aioli or mayo on top slice of bread.

Is Bueno.


There used to be a hole in the wall takeaway joint at the old wharf here in Cairns. Real greasy spoon place but was the best for drunken/hungover feeds.

The best was a toasted sanga filled with bacon, runny fried egg, savoury mince, grilled onion and melted cheese topped with bbq sauce. Whenever my mate and I were out on the turps we’d get a couple on our way home. Made an absolute mess but so farking good.


Without trying to sound like a right snob [email protected], the most incredible sandwich I’ve had was “I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti” “All’Antico Vinaio” in Florence Italy. (I had to look the name up, I didn’t have that in my mental rolodex). The place is as small as a shoebox and freshly baked break is constantly delivered from the bakery across the ally.

Must have had 30+ people crammed in there when we went. When it was my turn to order, I said, you make me something, anything. (I had no idea what to order or how to ask for it).

Mrs TeeBee and I visited Florence near 6 years ago and I still think about those sandwiches*.

*Plural, I had one, had to get a second round despite being full from the first.


Ok, I need to try that. Thanks. A bit of a walk from work but sounds like it will be worth it


What was in it?


I remember a bunch of different meats, roasted eggplant, red onion, other salad, some sort of mayonnaise concoction inside a freshly baked panini.
Edit: Oh and sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, oh the cheeses…

Just looked in my photo collection to see if i had a pic of the sandwich and noticed I buggered up the name of the store (i did say i had to look it up).

it’s not “I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti” (I’m sure it’s a lovely sandwich shop) but “All’Antico Vinaio”.


This kind of food in Europe is one of the things I love (and miss) most.


Love sandwiches. One of the reasons visiting France is so cool. So, a few sandwiches which in my life are worth mentioning.

When I was living in London, this was probably my favourite. A little hole in the wall sandwich shop in the old banking area off Fenchurch st. They did/do a rare salted beef which is sliced, then recooked in the grill after you order with cheddar cheese and onions. Add pickles and put in soft white bloomer bread with an English mustard mayonnaise. The bite of English mustard smoothed with the mayonnaise. Absolutely brilliant.
Basil’s Sandwiches

In Melbourne the two go to sandwiches are either Banh Mi or chicken schnitzel sandwiches. I live in Docklands and there is a fantastic Vietnamese cafe with delicious bbq pork and chicken satay banh mi. It is a very good thing they’re only open on weekdays or I’d be twice my size! Good banh mi are so tasty. Tasty meat, salad, pate, coriander, chilli, onions … god they’re good.

And a well cooked chicken schnitzel sandwich is great. My preference is to have mayo, red onion, cheese and a seeded mustard. Bliss.

When doing my own my favourite is to go baguette with ham and salami, Dijon mustard, strong tasty cheese, spring onions and jalapeños. Toast it like that then add baby spinach, red capsicum and pickles.

When I was in the UK I sometimes replaced the meat with Polish garlic sausage from a local shop. Was fantastic.

Mustards are important for me. I’ve got probably 20 jars in the fridge!


Mustard is severely underrated.


Agreed, Horseradish even more so.

Roast beef & Horseradish , .mmmm mmm


I currently have a fetish for horseradish salad dressings …fark they’re good.


I don’t know about the best sandwich ever but today’s lunch was left over roast beef thinly sliced and fried up with a bit of salt garlic and herbs on left over coleslaw from last night (cabbage, grated granny smith, good Parmesan,) with fresh bread and condiments of your choosing. Sensational.

Love the left over roast fry up on Saturday.


Does a souva count as a sandwich? We occasionally make them up using slow cooked lamb shoulder which is then chopped up once cool and fried with garlic and salt. Homemade tzatziki, toms iceberg lettuce and red onion, pretty much like a shop other than the way we do the meat. Important thing is to brush the bread with oil garlic and salt and fry before making up. We wrap em in foil like a shop might. My daughter’s gone vego but this and bacon test her resolve; she used to wallop the home made souva!


Horseradish mayonnaise…




But sounds delicious.