Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


ima supposed to be on a farkin diet you bastards


I’ve been meaning to go there, their bagels look really good!

While I was at Melbourne Uni they did a pop-up stall during a weekly farmers market and it was always insanely busy.


Allow me to set you back on track.


Tofu, tofu, tofu, tofu, tofu.
Tofu with lentils.

Tofu burger with mushroom sauce.


That looks like it would be really nice, … without the Tofu.


Mason Dixon on Collins St do a great Phiily Cheese Steak and a great Rueben.


I smoked up a pastrami last year and made Reubens with it. They tasted incredible. Having put in the effort of a 10hr cook made me appreciate the flavour even more.


Just had a flashback of one of my top 10 meals of all time, which was a sandwich.

Salad sandwich made by the old ladies from the Red Cross for volunteer CFA during a fire I went to.

Tip top white bread
Beetroot, tinned
Pineapple, tinned
Ham, square slice
Cheese, Kraft singles plastic stuff
Iceberg lettuce, mostly the white crunchy bit.
Mayonnaise, probably Kraft or some crap

Tell you what, I was that ■■■■■■ hungry from dragging a hose full of water around in the bush. That ■■■■■■ sandwich is in my top 10 meals.


tomato beetroot pineapple mayo wtaf fark orf


Dunno, but I went to a genuinely good takeaway the other week. Souvlakis on Miller, just off Cooper St in Epping.
Glorious Greek Cypriot joint, plastic pumpkin and plastic bazouki on the wall, plastic tablecloths, horrendous music, and wedged between a bus stop and an auto electrician. Food is absolutely glorious though, huge helpings and great value.


Vegemite. Cheese. Ham. Beetroot. But it must be layered in that order. The flavours mesh brilliantly. Preferably on very fresh white bread. Simple and delicious.


Vegemite…ok. Wouldn’t use dollops of the ■■■■ though!


Got in late for a bbq this arvo and I had 3 cooked but cooling kranskis set aside for me.
Found a sour dough loaf, ripped it in half, buttered it, stuck in all 3 with home made relish and

By crikey I likey


That’s what people said before they tried pineapple and on pizza. Who’s laughing now?


Anyone ever make a chip butty?

Hot chips on buttered white bread with some vinegar.



Yep, was introduced to chip butty’s by an English lad who stayed with us a couple of years ago for our cricket season.



Beetroot on a pizza?

Apart from the standard Hawaiian, and my mate’s Kilauea (Hawaiian with hot chili), i’ve had a couple of decent pizzas with pineapple- prawns, capsicum and pineapple on one, hot salami, onions, pineapple and tons of chili on the other. The second one was one of the few that have caused severe pain the next day.


Slip a potato cake in there too. Delish.


I’ll put it on the list.


Just chucked some leftover smoked brisket in a hot dog roll with some cheese & bbq sauce, under the grill to melt the cheese then topped with chopped onion and coleslaw.

Holy hell. Food ■■■■■■…


No chillies or extra hot sauce?