Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


Nah, plenty in the bbq sauce.


When I used to live in Scotland a pound fifty could get a serve of chips covered in mushrooms and curry sauce and a can of iron bru.
I think it was their national dish.


You needed the haggis with tatties and neeps too.


Something like Red Rocket, on Kooroit Creek Rd?


My go to at the moment is the ruben from The Butchers Diner on Bourke St.


Mate breakfast up there included not just haggis, but black pudding and white pudding.
No wonder they’re so miserable.



In Italy went to Monza GP and then a Juventus game and both places had people cooking this Panini with a sausage patty and fried peppers and onions. Some had melanzane too. Bliss.


Absolutely nothing wrong with black pudding! Love the stuff!


This is Scottish version we’re talking about. I swear I found a testicle once.


Sheep or human?


That’s nuts


Thankfully it was empty


Vegimite sandwich with salt n vinegar chips goes alright


Anyone adulterating Vegimite with such disgusting things should be stripped of their Aussie Citizenship for mine. :wink:


I LIKE black and white pudding.

Deep fried haggis is pretty tasty too.


Deep fried mars bars had their charm.
Again, after much ale


Could I interest you in Vegimite sandwich and BBQ chips, Plain chips or BBQ shapes. They all go alright.


Cool…would go down sweet in an ice cream sandwich combo with my dessert nachos!


Hmmm, … you do have me wondering about a nice vintage tasty cheese & Vegimite sanga with tasty cheese or cheese and onion chips now, … :thinking:

Definitely (& literally) food for thought.