Who will our next coach be? A GREAT SCOTT!

MOD WARNING RE HAWFORN ALLEGATIONS: Do not speculate on the players involved nor post any facebook/twitter rumours.

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Hopefully when Hirdy is re-appointed the club can get back to the culture that Sheeds developed rather than the disgraceful actions of the Adelaide, Collingwood and now revealed Hawthorn clubs.


Don the Pyke.

Just read the ABC article on their website before popping on here.

So angry.

Clarkson should be sacked right now for bringing the game into disrepute. He can Fark right off.

What an absolute stain on the game. Fagan doesn’t look good either.

In my mind this is far worse than KKKollingwood.

We also need to learn from this, we must have some good Indigenous assistant coaches/mentors in the club so this never happens at the EFC. Courtney Ugle, NatRat, Gavin or Eddie type quality.

Fark me. Shocking. And I don’t get shocked easily.

‘Hawthorn: The family club’

Fark them.

We dodged a big bullet.


The Clarkson/Fagan/Hawthorn revelations at the end of thread Part 1 are horrifically bad. This will just be the beginning and no doubt they’ll get the opportunity to offer up their version but looks pretty ■■■■■■ for them and all involved at this stage.

We’ve gone from laughing stock on missing out on him to now going through what appears to be a sound process to find the right candidate.

Clarkson could have coached the last 10 flags and I wouldn’t have wanted him near this club now. Deplorable.


He is wrong.
Scott had them overachieving, which is something I’m sure your North mate doesn’t want to hear.


Did the EFC do its due diligence on Clarkson?


I feel like this is gonna need it’s own thread.


By the way, it was 3-7, not 3-10.
And the most wins they’ve had in the three seasons he left is…4.
And he took North to a 14 win season and a 16 win season, which is better than anything we’ve done lately.


I’m certain we didn’t but will enjoy suggesting that to opposition fans.

These allegations are borderline criminal, just abhorrent. Families involved are number one concern but the football reality will see Clarkson and Fagan resign if there’s even. shred of truth to it, in my opinion.

17, 18 & 18 is how they’ve finished since Scott left. But he was apparently the problem…


Where’s all the Clarko lovers now??

GET HIM IN :rofl::rofl:

Man, they had that chamber loaded for the day he signed with us, huh.


Put my hand up… I was seduced several weeks ago and was all for getting him.

Now I feel sick.


Will we even get back to those number of wins……14 or 16 wins in a season seems two generations away.

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I feel crook reading that. Life long trauma.


I was just thinking how brutal the next few months would be if he signed with us. We’d probably sack him 2 weeks out from round one and blow another season.

North off to Tassie now?

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Well… That’s quite the bullet dodged, hey?


Dodged a Clarko bullet with these ABC revelations if true. … disgusting is the word. Norf due diligence or sense of proper behaviour governance must’ve been buried in the desk draw when Clarko rocked in.