Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs


I’m always keen for a bourbon.

But I kinda feel that video would be a bit cringy? Shooting answers back to somebody awkwardly holding a phone camera at them in a pub?

What about just audio? Do a Podcast series?


Nah, needs the vision.
That’s the bit that makes it different.
And a bit special.


wIMmÈråz1: Hi, A/SL?
Blitzer :partying_face:: 13 F Melbs
wIMmÈråz1: which doughnutz do u prefer? Jam, iced or cinnamon?
BLITZER :partying_face:: ■■■, i lOve them all, as much as I luv Mark McVeigh and Matty Lloyd put together
wIMmÈråz1: oh that’s fully sick.
Blitzer: g2g, gotta troll da microsoft chatrooms. Thx Wimz. :sunglasses:


He may as well do it in Dimboola then. Won’t even come to the heartland so offended :astonished:


Not denying it’d be special.

There are different kinds of special, though.


This. Podcast. Vision is awkward, and pod cast can listen to whilst driving etc.


You have to remember that this is Wim’s project. He does what he wants.



ahem…sorry, Wimm.


I think I still have my old iPod somewhere.
Then what?


I think you then take the film into Kmart, and they develop it for you.

In serious though, uploading a podcast is far more mucking around than uploading to YouTube, so there is that.

And yeah, I was just making a suggestion, do as you please. I’d still be keen.


Can I Skype from tassie
When we get it.,


I would want your interview to only start after 5 or 6 bourbons so we get hear exactly what you’re thinking in real hard hitting Blitz topics, including:

Could Knights coach?
Hurley forward or back?
Does the grass at the Hangar make people taller or shorter?
Should onion go below the sausage?
Does @diggers have any remaining Blitz
creditably despite having starting the DJ thread?
Who is the best redhead to have played for the Bombers?


I see you’ve drank 5 or 6 bourbons with me before.

Speaking of which, I still owe you a bourbon, you in town at all next season?


If I had 6 bourbons I’d tell everyone what I really thought of the saga. I’d have no friends afterwards.


Lucky you. I only need 1 bourbon for that.


Haha. I’m sure you will be good for it when I do see you.

I will be trying to make it back for a game if I can. I have pencilled in 3 return flights in September - assuming we get the second week off :wink:


I’ll meet you in Tintinara.


That sounds like the sort of place I’d make awkward eye contact with girls. At least twenty years back

I’m watching scarface and we’re moving house tomorrow.

I think there’s something in that for all of us.


I’ll absolutely do it when I get back to Melbourne, only because I really do owe Wim several drinks for the ■■■■ I’ve put him through over the years


Perhaps you can shout him a HOT BOVRIL?