2022 Draft Watch (Part 2)

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I think having that spot for SSP fits more with our modus operandi, and also gives us a better chance of success anyway …

yeh that’s the other option
but if there is still someone there we rate, makes sense to grab them before he rookie draft where we won’t have a pick. if it’s a mcdonagh type that no one else will pick, then maybe pass

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To have a spot open for the SSP, we need an open rookie list spot or someone on the inactive/retired list. We don’t have either of those at the moment.


can you upgrade rookies after the draft?

I want Brayden George with our 2nd pick.

Put him straight on the inactive list, and get an SSP.


Rookie upgrades close at 11pm on the 29th, so maybe?
Edit: in fact, I’m going to say yes. The rookie upgrade period opens at 10pm and closes at 11pm. I guess we could decide after the draft on someone like Martin.


So let me get this straight…we should either take Mankura with pick 22 or hope he doesn’t get picked at all so we can pick him as a rookie cat B or SSP.

This place is nuts.

Just take him at 22 end of story

I thought we were using 22 on Fejo Jr


Terrible decision that would hurt our 2023 draft.


you’re the one combining 30 opinions and jonos hatred of tastas into one entity.


Trade 22 out for some back end picks of the giants they won’t use to cover Davey and a 2023 draft pick.

GWS will currently finish their drafting with pick 31. So give them 22 instead and ask for it and everything else they have plus a 23 pick


Yep, a 2023 pick (say a third rounder) and 2022 points is probably the best option.


Would be interesting to know how many people would prefer Munkara to Weideman on the playing list.


why not both.

Not directly comparable.

They are if you giving up the same thing.

Id prefer Munkara. Im looking for rebuild through the draft at this point in time.


If they(efc recruiting dept) have done their homework on the 2023 crop and say the gws I dunno maybe 2nd or 3rd?(let’s say around 30 odd next year) I’d be trying to do a deal pre draft.

That’s if GWS want to trade up 31 at the expense of next years draft. They may get their kid they want then anyway this year and say thanks but no thanks.

The hawks is the other really obvious one who might love our pick 22 and have the back end currency we would need back