#9 Dylan Shiel be right, mate - from July 2022

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Should be called ‘Shiel be right mate’


Dylan Shiel Part 2: The Quickening

Hopefully " Part 2: The Unshittening"


Im still in the camp where I would trade him if we got a late first rounder.
He has improved as the season progressed but, feel we have enough depth now to replace a Parish injury etc. Another year into Perkins, Hobbs, Caldwell etc.
And to also allow extra midfield spot for players to grow.
If Smith, Shiel, Hepp all go will definetly be a changing of the guard.

Would be massive if the club didnt offer Hepp a 1 year deal, he has looked a bit better on the wing than defence as well.

my picks would be Shiel to carlton or St kilda or port.
Port needs to replace some of the old stagers. (Robbie Gray / travis Boak) Shiel would buy them another couple of years of a experienced body. Plus family links with port where chocco coached.

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The thing for me is that Shiel has a distinct point of difference to many of our mids in that he has that breakaway speed from a stoppage.

To be honest, if you were trying to form the right midfield mix and weren’t taking age into account, you’d trade one of Parish, Caldwell, Hobbs before you traded Shiel. As they operate in more of a similar manner as distinct from Dylan.

Or Geelong.

Too young


Dylan Shiel Part 2: He’s not getting traded you Pelicans so stop speculating about it.


We got a 2nd round back, but we still paid 2 first round picks.

Part two is already better than part one.

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Probably depends on if they get Tanner Bruhn, and what they have to give up for him if they do.

If it was the Cats I reckon circumstances would lead to EFC asking for their first round pick, which they may not have or want to part with if they did.

he’s put together a very good block of form. good on him


Straight swap for Papley, if he doesn’t want to go to Sydney get a third party involved.

I don’t know if he heard the jungle drums beating, or if it’s any of many other reasons.
But since then…he’s been very, very good.

Edit: And if I had Any faith that this change in form was permanent, I wouldn’t trade him for a big clock.

Edit: edit: I don’t, though.


I’d still move him on - but if he doesn’t go, im going to be a lot happier about it than a couple of months ago. because he’s playing well

i reckon when we have parish, merrett and shiel in the side the midfield is more unbalanced.

the best our midfield has looked in the last few years, is when one of them is missing. it generally doesn’t matter which one imo, but it gives more responsibility to the likes of caldwell, hobbs, stringer of last year, etc and in turn, i think through the middle we always look better


His improvement has been almost post bye.

I think he may have been carrying an injury before that, his knee from memory? May have been a factor among many other things.

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Shiel, Parish, Hobbs & Caldwell main mids, with Merret, Langford, Perkins, Stringer & Martin rolling through… that’s a 1st class clearance team.


Awwwww, hell no.
This isn’t injury related.
For mine he’s been taking the absolute ■■■■ since he arrived.

If the last few weeks were his standard…fine.
But omg…

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he’s had quad and hamstring issues this season, perhaps it was limiting him mentally to not do another bad injury, because he’s had a ordinary run for a while, and now is the result of having full confidence in his body

his form has coincided with being dropped too, that’s the biggest factor imo