Blatant cheating by umpires - “having a ‘mare” this century

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blatant cheating by umpires


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I missed the 12 apiece earlier.

So there’s an average of one rule broken every 4 minutes. (And that includes the dubious deliberate frees that only exist so that the umpires can get involved at the stupidest times). So massive periods where the players play beautifully within the rules. What a load of garbage.


It’s funny when the count is lopsided part way through the match, then ends up even. It’s as though the team who was ahead in free kicks suddenly decided to change their gamestyle completely and become undisciplined, and at the same time the team who were behind in free kicks also decided to change their gamestyle and become ultra disciplined.


The better team lost by the minimum margin, in a packed stadium where 95% of the crowd were toothless trolls barracking for their opponents. if any one of the glaring errors made by the chumps had been corrected - in particular the attempted strangulation of Greene by the Redeemer Daicos and the HTB not paid against de Gooey - the Giants would have won. Let’s pray that the Collywobbles get royally creamed by the Bears next weekend.


The way the game is played is not in any way within the rules. We’ve been conditioned to think that it’s good, tough football. There were about 120 free kicks in the last 2 minutes that were overlooked. Every time someone tries to pick up the ball they are being held before they take possession so that the defending team can make sure they don’t get a clean possession. That is a free every day in the history of the game up until 2005.

The way the rules have been interpreted in the last 29 years has swung the game in favour of the defensive game far more than it needed to. “Reward the tackle” became the war cry, and we’re too busy judging small forwards on tackle numbers rather than goals. And in the last 2 minutes of close finals umpires are now too gutless to call the most blatant infringements. It ruins the spectacle of the game. AFL these days is just a rolling maul. But I guess Gil’s Sydney private school equivalents would love it.


People always get cheating confused with incompetence.


If it is incompetence, then Brisbane will have an equal chance at getting the rub of the green tonight as Carlton, but the reality is you can almost guarantee that the umps will do EVERYTHING in their power to get Carlton over the line tonight.


Why? Why would an umpire who wants to umpire a grand final purposely make errors to advantage a team he probably doesn’t care about?

The AFL want a Carlton v Collingwood GF and have telegraphed it from a long way out. There probably won’t be huge glaring errors that in would be highlighted in isolation, but I have no doubt that Carlton will get Brisbane’s share of all of the 50/50 calls.

“Incompetence” and “Cheating”- where does one end and the other start ?

Unless he has a remarkably strong mind, it is very difficult for an umpire to resist going with the demands of a crowd which is strongly biassed in favour of one of the two competing teams. The mob attending the Collingwood-GWS clash yesterday was 95% pro-Collingwood, yet Collingwood only managed to “win” by the minimum margin.

The Brisbane-Carlton clash is taking place in Brisbane this evening. That part of umpire bias which is due to yielding to the desires of a home crowd should guarantee the Bears’ success, setting us up for a Collywobbles-Bears GF.

If things go that way, the only thing to worry about will be whether the umpires can resist the pressure exerted by the Magpie moron GF crowd and succeed in organising the MCG match next weekend fairly without bias.

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If it was a business, I would let the Lions win and get into the GF. Support an expanded market.

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“The lion’s share”

Very clever wording there, whether intentional or not.

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Should have said Brisbane will need to bare the flogging by the umps.

Because his bosses care?

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And for reference, the month before Essendon was thrown out of finals should be enough to convince you that umpires have a way of understanding the will of those who run the game.


Laughable if you truly believe that

From the EPL something we never here from the AFL

““The goal by Luiz Diaz was disallowed for offside by the on-field team of match officials. This was a clear and obvious factual error and should have resulted in the goal being awarded through VAR intervention, however, the VAR failed to intervene. PGMOL will conduct a full review into the circumstances which led to the error.”


Update from the AFL

“The controversial call of advantage in the final minutes of the 2023 AFL Grand Final was the correct call by the umpires. Go Pies”


Probably the correct call in that a player from the infringed-against team demonstrated an intent to play on within a reasonable time. However it was obvious that the player who took advantage didn’t hear the whistle, which we see umps give latitude for all the time (except this one.)

Edit: Compare it to what happened when Zorko was decked after disposing of the ball in the 1st quarter. Free kick to Zorko for the late contact, Brisbane played on across their back 50 switching the play (took them a couple of possessions to do it,) ump called it back. Apparently Brisbane’s multiple possessions after the free kick don’t count as an intention to play on.