Bourke Street Part Deux


He is not a paedofile so why would other crims give a toss.?


Its more like a ladder of hierarchy. Like crime, there was a sort of honour among thieves until drugs came into the equation and then it all became harder to control. Things may have changed a bit since I retired about 15 years ago. No, I was NOT a prisoner officer.

Bottom rung by a mile - rock spiders, they are segregated from mainstream population and people in for cruelty, torture and trafficking of children. This group includes parents of children.

  • Rapists.
  • Drug Dealers.
  • Drug addicts of all kinds - legal and illegal.
  • Crimes of violence with and without weapons.
  • Thieves and all kinds of fraud.
  • Drink driving crimes.
  • White collar crime.
  • People with Mental Health Issues. Also unpredictable and sadly make up numbers.
  • Long termers in for murder tend to run the jails and often do not like addicts, as they are unpredictable making being inside an even more dangerous place.

Working in men’s jails is easier than working in women’s prisons. Women are much more bitchy and spiteful. Juvenile Prisons - have become completely unpredictable and very dangerous places. They were when I was working there also it was just not acknowledged as it is now.