John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Even if we beat Sydney, we deserved criticism as it was a poor performance.

Collingwood was our only honourable defeat and even then, pies had an off day. Our other loses have been disgraceful


Liked just for this ^


Yeah and if the dog hadn’t stopped to take a dump then it would have caught the rabbit.

We are not 5-3 and the reason we aren’t is because of the panic stations evident when we were in a winning position. Granted that the umpiring didn’t help but it wasn’t the reason we lost. There were plenty of poor decision made on field. It seems to me that the players had no idea what to do and how to win the game. That’s coaching.


I needed that post. Thank you. I hope this is right.

Now that you mention it, when we’ve been going well, I probably have noticed an improvement with players knowing when to roll off their player and “come up to meet the out number” coming at them.

When it works, they halt play enough for those who have been sucked up the field a bit of time to get back.

We’ve also been better at not getting sucked too far up the field.

One of the problems for us is that the good sides (Richmond, Collingwood) have been playing this way for years and a lot of other teams have played against them and developed ways to get through this rolling defensive press.

GWS for instance utilised Heath Shaw. A player might intercept mark at half back and they’d give a sideways handball to Shaw who would accept it at pace, run 20 meters and launch it 50-60 metres and in the space of 2 seconds, the ball had moved 80 meters and over the heads of where our players had set up their little Rutten summer trained rolling zone - 40-50 metres off the contest.

Geelong (who have played against this zone on the big stage numerous times) seemed to work through the center of the zone with bold quick 20-30 precise kicks, supported by extreme defensive pressure to force turnovers and have outnumbers.

Sydney something similar and just relied on their ability to play repeat stoppages and use their strengths there. They also beat us in the air. Kicks coming in to an apparently well set up zone and they’d pluck a mark. They dragged Hooker out of the hole well.

Hopefully they are learning lessons from these other sides and some of the finessed / alternative ways to beat opposition zones.

I bang on and on but I don’t know why Dylan Clarke hasn’t been playing because it improves our ability to lock down a game into repeat stoppages for periods of a match and arm wrestle sides, waiting for them to tire and then finally getting them with our run. That is the way we seemed to be playing last year.

Not sticking our tackles has left us chasing ■■■■ too much and we are the ones who have ended up tiring and left unable to hurt teams with our pace.


I actually like this about Worsfold.

I think he knows the club lacks onfield leaders and is trying to encourage them to step up.

The only thing I dont like is out win loss Record.


I think he is just a lazy piece of ■■■■. You need to learn to walk before you can run.


Rampe gets away with a hell of alot re questioning the umpies.
calls em lil girls essentially.
essentially questioned an ump after clarko had a meeting with the umpires boss the week of the sydney hawks game a few years back, with something along the lines of maybe we should get you guys up here for coffee or that.

He is a seriously off unit, and gets alot of leeway with how much of a flog he really is.


I’ll take your thoughts on board and try to be more balanced in future.


Can one be too balanced?


Just wanted to know who you thought was designing the plan to break us. And why.


Sorry I was being a bit smart.

You pretty much summed it up in a nutshell in your first post. I hope I’m an undiagnosed conspiracy theorist with delusions of extreme silliness. Something still don’t feel right.


Seems he does make moves in game


Has there ever been a team that won a flag without winning a final?

Actually, we have! Maybe we should get them to bring those rules back.


It was more likely a mistake and we didn’t even realize we only had 17 on the field!