The 2023 Draft Thread

I actually see Durham being used as an inside mid. From what i’ve seen this year he’s suprisingly strong in the clinches, loves the hard stuff and can often find space in the midst of a pack.

Could be a really interesting player in the coming years.

Also he’s over 185cm :open_mouth:


Durham is also extremely good overhead for his size.

I can’t remember the last Essendon wing/midfielder who had that attribute. Justin Blumfield?


I think Durham is the most over-rated player on the EFC list (by Blitz). I think he’s below average at the moment. He goes missing, he frequently stalls play, and isn’t a particularly good user with the ball. He is a very good overhead mark for his size and has good intent. Would there be more than a handful of clubs where he’d get a game over that teams’ best 22 wingers on current output?

To be clear, I expect/hope he’ll keep improving. But Blitzers talk like he’s doing a good job now. I’m not sure how high his ceiling is either. It is certainly not a position I’d be saying is ‘locked in’.


Dodoro must have come up with this height classification

He’s no Isaac Smith, he’s had a pretty decent career, great finding a mature ager like that. Bloody Hawks and Cats, smart way to add with later picks when challenging.

Pretty sure Isaac Smith was selected in the top 20 of a National draft- not a rookie longshot by any means.

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Durham is a gun, if he were a top 10 pick you’d all be creaming over him.

Callihan from Tassie i really rate, I’m surprised he hasn’t been in cal’s top 30. Has a number of tricks and was superb during the national championships.

I think if a top 10 pick was averaging 16.5 possessions playing full time midfield in their 4th year they’d be getting pilloried.

Oh sorry, I forgot. Perkins is.


meant more to that Hawks / cats forced out of top 10 due to success but getting quality guys later in draft due to being mature age. Smith Pick 19

Harry Taylor pick 17, Tom Stewart pick 40, Tim Kelly 24


He’s certainly not a gun. Solid enough citizen who would be on the fringes at most clubs.


Clearly not the most over-rated, but he needs to improve in 2024.

He is still 22, but has 49 games now and needs to play a whole game. His final quarter vs Richmond won us the game and while he has done other nice things, reckon he needs to do more.

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With Rosa on board it’ll be interesting to see if we go for Mitch Edwards or Clay Hall from Peel. He’d likely know them as well as anyone.

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He’d be more likely to know about any WA prospect.
Would be interesting to see what he does with Hunter.


In his second game for the Cats’ VFL side, GWV Rebels midfielder George Stevens finished with a team-high 29 disposals, five inside 50s, five marks, four clearances and four rebound 50s in a loss to Collingwood.

It comes after Stevens’ hot run at Coates Talent League level, racking up 44, 236 and 33 disposals from his past three matches.

Despite his form and obvious traits, Stevens looms as one of this year’s most polarising draft prospects.

Stevens is a powerfully-built 189cm prospect who plays with great presence and is hard to push over in the contest. But what recruiters like about him is his post-clearance work, with his cleanliness, decision-making skills and natural ball-winning ability.

At the same time, there are question marks on Stevens’ athletic profile and whether he has AFL-level speed and agility.

One scout told Stevens is an early to middle second-round prospect, while another would be hesitant to take him in the national draft.

AFL draft trade news 2023: Rankings, prospects, Daniel Curtin West Coast Eagles, Harley Reid North Melbourne, George Stevens Geelong (

George Stevens of the Rebels. Picture: Daniel Pockett/AFL Photos/via Getty Images

George Stevens of the Rebels. Picture: Daniel Pockett/AFL Photos/via Getty Images


236 disposals in a game is ok I guess.


Why didn’t Hare get senior matches? WAFL reserves is several steps down from AFL.

I’d be happy if we try to get out of this draft and into next years.

I’d absolutely trade out of this years draft.
Next years is going to be stacked with mids though in the top 20 so if we are looking at KPP’s we may have to do it via FA

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It’s easier said than done though.

Clubs know this isn’t the best draft to be in, other than the very top, so probably aren’t that keen to do it.


all well and good to say the drafts rubbish.
but still might find players who can fill gaps for us (foot soldiers).

George Stevens size is appealing to complement our midgets.
maybe someone slides on draft night like Hobbsy. or someone goes on a bender crashes their car like Curnow and falls to us.
B graders in via trade/fee agency period vs hoping to find a needle in the haystack in the draft.
Trading into next year likely difficult too. And premium on top[ end of this draft, as seen by what dogs are offering for pick 4. Plus added incentive in that they will get Croft anyway likely 10-20 prospect.

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