The Dog Thread

Why isn’t there a cat thread?

Because just like cats, cat owners are lazy!

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There’s a thread called claws feathers and fins for assorted beasts

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Ziggy says hi!


Looks like it’s almost time for a trip to the groomers :grin:


Can’t bear it :frowning:
Cut a bit around his eyes today. But it’s getting colder, and his coat is so snuggly warm!

To hell with COVID 19 - walk me human


youre not getting a jumper unless you produce a lead

One of my sister’s cats which l mentioned the other day, Cosmo, is 16. He has changed allegiances, now behaves like he is mine. Comes running (or at least jogging slowly), when l call him, often follows me around the property, goes into purr default mode the moment l touch him, and has taken to sleeping in my bedroom, sometimes on a soft chair, other times on the bed.


Anyone in isolation without a dog is missing out on so much love, affection and companionship.


Looking at a 2yo maremma/border collie cross tomorrow - a potential companion for our 5yo BC. Any thoughts?


Well, if you’re after a very large, very sheddy, very protective great companion - sure!

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With more energy than 25 toddlers, barks a lot, and unless well trained doesn’t like children much. I’d choose something else myself.

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Do not know what a Maremma/Border Collie cross would be like, but we have good friends with a Maremma. She is a nice dog, but is aloof from people and only wants to stay in the paddock protecting the other animals. Impossible to train, and they cannot even get her into their car to take to the Vet when needed. She does not get along with other dogs; not aggressive in any way, but wants nothing to do with them.

She is very aggressive towards foxes and wild dogs, and does a great job at protecting the chooks, alpacas and goats they have.

I would not get one as a family dog even as a companion for a Border Collie who are just fantastic members of the family. At 2, she will already have her attitude well set so you will be able to see how she relates to you and your other dog I guess.

Good luck

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I think that’s the key, here. Get a good idea what her personality is like - because the two breeds can be quite different.

Maremmas are what they used to protect the penguins from foxes on Middle Island in Warrnambool, which was made into the movie “Oddball”.

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Will probably be a good companion dog for your dog and for you. Get it.

Marshall had surgery today and is home complete with his Fentanyl patch.

It went as well as it could, and now we have to work out whether we do chemotherapy or not. Vet Oncologist wants to do a CT Scan and bill us $1800 for it. Think I will register him as a dependant on my Medicare Card.


Good luck Marshall & @Bacchusfox family