VFLW - GRAND FINAL vs Saints @ North Port Oval, 12:15PM Sunday 3 July 2022 - SHINY THING ACHIEVED

For anyone who would like to print out a team list for Sunday, this is the original team list at the start of the season with some minor tweaks.

I don’t know why the preview is saying it is private, if you want to and can’t access it, let me know.

I was going to add some nicknames, but you can add your own :wink:

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Full list:

Number First Name Surname
1 Courtney Ugle
2 Mikaela Trethowan
3 Sarah Ford
4 Mia-Rae Clifford
5 Georgia Nanscawen
7 Jessie Davies
8 Eloise Ashley-Cooper
9 Marianna Anthony
10 Eleanor Cornish
11 Kasey Lennox
12 Isabel Currenti
13 Elizabeth Hosking
14 Danielle Marshall
15 Lauren Caruso
16 Tamsin Crook
17 Federica Frew
18 Kendra Heil
19 Nicole Julian
20 Cecilia McIntosh
21 Alex Morcom
22 Natalie MacDonald
23 Amelia Radford
24 Renee Tierney
26 Joanne Doonan
27 Makaylah Appleby
28 Alana Barba
30 Simone Nalder
31 Eloise Gardner
34 Rebecca McDonagh
34 Emily Everist
35 Teagan Williams
36 Reese Sutton
37 Abbey Baillie-McDonald
38 Olivia Manfre
39 Scarlett Orritt
40 Drew Ryan
42 Jordan Zanchetta
43 Octavia Di Donato
44 Grace Dicker
45 Bella Clarke
46 Gloria Elarmaly
47 Stephanie Asciak
? Tahlia Read
? Arkie Donnelly
? Jayda Richardson
? Tia Davidge
25 and 48 Bella Ayre

Yeah, everyone needs to know about that one time Ayre wore #48 :crazy_face:

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Some handy names to shout.

1 Courtney Ugle - Ugez
5 Georgia Nanscawen - G
7 Jessie Davies - JD
8 Eloise Ashley-Cooper - Coops
10 Eleanor Cornish - Nor
20 Cecilia McIntosh - C-Bomb
21 Alex Morcom - Morcs
22 Natalie Macdonald - Nat Mac
23 Amelia Radford - Millzy
28 Alana Barba - Barbs
42 Jordan Zanchetta - JZ (Jay-Zee for those who want to really nail it)


I had her as 48 on my list too… Slid up the numbers a bit…

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More sane than last year, where we really didn’t like the numbers we choose at the start of the year.

not 40 Laura Cocomello
40 not 47 Emilia Yassir
47 Zali Friswell
47 Jemma Finning
43 not 24 Georgie Prespakis
43 not 38 Neve Crowley

Oh, and for anyone on Facebook groups (looking at you @CJohns) please feel free to share the team list doc on your groups too. Let’s get the whole crowd calling their names at the game. CARN KENNY, HIT UP FEDE!

Currenty i cant scream my own name right but on it​:+1::grinning:


I believe in you :smiley:

Someone break their team spirit, stat.

P.S. Their facilities suck!

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Nearly posted a ■■■■’s Arrow - but I won’t.

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Is an Essendon fan, soooo…

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Let’s look at the Bombers and Saints featuring in the top ten stats for the league. The top ten is based on total stats (apart from goals) but I report them below as averages.

We have of course played two more games than non-finals teams, and the Saints have one extra game over that on us.

1 - Hannah Stuart (Sts) 22.3
2 - Nanscawen 25.1
3 - Radford 21.5
8 - Zanchetta 19.0

1 - Frew 33
2 - Clifford 21
6 - CBomb 18
7 - Tierney 16
8 - Tayla Kearns (Sts) 15, including 2 last week
10 - Dicker 12

2 - Clifford 4.5
3 - Tierney 4.4
4 - Grace Buchan (Sts) 4.0
5 - Marshall 3.9

3 - Nanscawen 8.6
5 - Hannah Stuart (Sts) 6.4
10 - Alana Woodward (Sts) 7.8

1 - Hannah Stuart (Sts) 13.9
4 - Radford 12.6
6 - Nanscawen 13.7
7 - Grace Buchan (Sts) 12.8

1 - Nanscawen 11.4
2 - Zanchetta 10.9
3 - Radford 8.9
4 - Hannah Stuart (Sts) 8.4
8 - Becca Neaves (Sts) 6.0
9 - Winnie Laing (Sts) 6.3

2 - Nalder 26.1
5 - Sarah Black (Sts) 20.8

Omen watch.

A forecast maximum of 13 degrees for Sunday.

The same forecast maximum…

as the 1984 VFL/AFL Grand Final :trophy:

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OK… we’re struggling for content now.

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Katie wins this round:

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Not struggling for content… YET

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The history of EFC vs Southern Saints…

2018 round 4 @ Sandy

We were coming off a 72 point loss up in Darwin and were 0-3. Saints were 2-1.

We jumped them early to lead 7-1 at the first break (the goal to Quigley).

… unfortunately, I forgot to mention above that we had the Sandy wind helping us in that first quarter.

The Saints struck back quickly but we weren’t dropping off. Quigley got her second goal and Beth Kearney, the world’s slowest ruck, quite deftly toe-tapped another goal through.

19-27 at half time.

With the wind we proceeded to kick five points to one goal in the third quarter to trail 24-33 at the last break… and then the Saints make that 24-60 by the end.

2019 round 13 @ Windy Hill

We lose Georgie Patrikios and debut some replacement chick called Alana in the “23rd player” slot for juniors.

By this stage Ugle has broken her leg, and Nalder is fill-in captain. As part of the Towards Zero road safety program, she drops a 3 and wears 0 only.

Quigley knows the script vs the Saints, and kicks the first goal. DeMatteoooooooooooo is right in there after her. And then Quigley again! And then DeMatteooooooooooo AGAIN!

We lead 24-3 at quarter time, and wind isn’t a big factor. Pffft indeed, I say.

Stepnell marks at the top of the goal square! It’s 30-3: WHAT IS HAPPENING?

In the last ten minutes before half time the Saints wake up, and at the main break we only lead 30-22.

The second half starts well, as Jess Stassi snaps a goal from forty out on the boundary.


And then another by her! 43-28 we lead at the final break.

Saints kick three straight goals in the last, and then, with a minute left… this happens.

CBomb needs to make the Saints pay the ultimate price this Sunday.

We lost but it was absolutely us as a team announcing we can beat anyone: the other teams we don’t fear . Two weeks later we smashed top-of-the-ladder Kollingwood.

2021 round 1 @ The Hangar

The week before this we smashed Darebin in a practice match, with some newbie called Mia-Rae Clifford kicking 5 goals for us.

In this game we’re missing Sim Nalder (off getting married, caught out after the AFL abruptly brought the season forward).

Early in the game day thread I express my disgust at Barba not being drafted to the AFLW. She starts in the middle along with Frew and Nanscawen (and, unfortunately, Taylor Moss as ruck).

The first half is one of the worst I’ve ever seen from this team. We’re massively out-sized but more importantly we’re simply not applying our trademark pressure, and we bomb indiscriminately forward. We trail 4-34 at halftime.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pattern to our games vs St Kilda. Quigley goes BANG BANG, and kicks two goals in two minutes.

And the pressure is BACK. We keep them scoreless in the third quarter.

With the wind and two utterly dominant rucks (hit-outs 49-7), the Saints hit back to make it 17-47 early in the last.

Clifford and Ugle get injured by Saints in the last quarter. Barba moves to FF and goals, and Quigley kicks her third goal, but it’s too late. We lose 29-47, winning the second half 25-13 once we started applying pressure.

My bests: Frew, Quigley, Nanscawen, Barba, Ugle, McIntosh