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Yeah…the system really sucks!!!

Oh, you mean @system

That’s not very nice

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He’s a real stick in the mud if you ask me.

Just be thankful you won’t get notified every single time someone posts now :wink:


I was replying to someone.

Anyway, Dunkley is not ordinary. He can be one of the best players in the competition…

But not at Bulldogs. He’ll never be worth two firsts at Bulldogs because he won’t play to his potential there. At Essendon, he could easily win a brownlow. Not at Bulldogs.

His value shouldn’t be based on what he can do at Essendon, but based on what he is doing at Bulldogs.

His value is a combination of what the Bulldogs would accept and what a potential buyer is willing to pay.

Nothing else.



Get Draper in his ear.


Oh that’s right


Apparently Joe misses our perfume beers and is keen to head back down.

I also think there’s a part of this from the dogs side that runs along the lines of, if he’s on their list he’s not able to make any other midfield any better. They don’t really need him, they might like having him as a stop gap/back up, but it doesn’t sound like they want him as first 22. Right now he’s young enough to have an impact for any club that wants him and they have him tied up until the end of 2022. It’s a no lose situation for them to hold onto him. Im not sure the dogs will end up with a first round pick this year without giving up a lot, but I also think they’ve probably assessed the draft as full of good mids, which they don’t need, and might be after a kpd with a later pick.

I nominate this to be the most positive and hopeful thread of the year!

Mods please pin to the top for my own mental health :slight_smile:


This is the current rumour text going around about Dunkley

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I hope this isn’t true

I can’t see him downing tools to that extent. It seems like he’s a really great guy, super professional, etc. I think he will play the season, do the best that he can for the Dogs this year, but he will look to request a trade at the end of the year again. Not sure if it’s necessarily us though. He might have a fair few more suitors this time. Clearly the dialogue had with us was a fair bit more clandestine, as nobody really knew he wanted out. Now it’s AFL-wide knowledge.



“but because we didnt snag him last year he’s suddenly no good and the dogs coaches dont rate him lmao.”

If you go back and look at my posts when he was potentially on the way, you’ll find this is not representative of my views, whatsoever.
I’ve been consistent on Dunkley: Good player, not great, and not the sort of player who should be top of our shopping list.

Do the Dogs’ coaches rate him? He plays everything but midfield, and now Bevo’s potting his “form” after one practice match. Mighty strange way to show their appreciation.

Wasnt specifically talking about you,
alot of peoples tune changed on here when we were unable to get the trade done.

And yeah Id say they rate him considering he finished 2nd in their BnF the year before.

“Rated” Vs “rate”

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