2023 trade talk (Part 3)

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Brad Hill would be a skinny, soft downhill skier who can’t stick a tackle.

7 years ago Pendlebury would have been an old hack taking development games off Kobe Mutch


Are either of those best 22 if everyone’s fit? I don’t think so. Sure he’s a better player than a couple of fringe/depth guys. He will help, and happy to have him, but I don’t have massive expectations that he changes our fortunes massively.


Yes and no.
They need to be the right player.

For example. instead of Shiel, we could have picked Zac Butters & Cody Weightman.

You must be absolutely sure on the player you’re bringing in is a list need.


Gresham would be our best forward apart from Langford…I think you’re really over-rating our forward line. It’s pretty much ■■■■ apart from Langford

Our forward line is 100% the worst part of our entire list. Peter Wright had a great 2022, but I’m not sure he can reproduce that.


Maybe give him a pre-season without a dislocated shoulder to try before we write him off.

Edit: To add to this, He kicked 19 goals in 10 games, almost came second in our goal kicking this year off 10 games. I will admit was wasn’t holding his marks as well after he came back but that’s not too surprising given the operation he had.


It’s not just a Peter Wright problem. It’s a consistent problem at Essendon, that players will never repeat the performance of a break-out season.


Gresham had one very decent year but he’s been underwhelming since.

An upgrade on Snelling / Guelf? Maybe. Maybe not. But he doesn’t bring an injection of raw pace so I’m not sure he adds what we need. Shiel at half forward probably provides more of the balance I think the Menzie / Guelfi / Snelling combo lacks.


Yeah i think even considering the players we have drafted instead. Bobby Hill and Josh Dunkley would transform our side.

At least we were into them.

Hopefully Rosas can build a side properly.

It’s Rosa.

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Football is life


Finally the trade period pre-season is over.
Expecting a top four finish for Essendon


Watching guys like hill, mcreery, Daniels, bedford, papley, cameron all finals series has to tell you the quality of your smalls is more important than the quality of your talls imo. Collingwood have mioceck and moore, thats it really. Ports talls are average. Brisbane’s are bar joe.

Im not overly excited about gresham. Being a upgrade on Snelling or guelfi isnt hard. Those guys wouldnt get a game in the finals teams we’ve just seen.


Some fair points but I don’t agree with Shiel as a better half forward. As a half forward a major part of the role is to tackle and pressure which Gresham isn’t elite at but still WAY ahead of what Shiel offers in that area.

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Shiel isnt a forward line player, front and centre isnt his game.

He is though an excellent front of stoppage footballer.

Not many have his breakaway speed.

Trading him away is simply a play based on his age I think. We could still do with that pace if it was in the body of 22 yr old

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Gresham is absolutey an upgrade on Snell, Guelfi and even Menzie.


Shiel has pace sure. He lacks the pressure and goal sense that you’d like to have in a half forward. Gresham has at least the goal sense.



I do think Menzies on a good day is quality though and more and more consistency is coming into his game.

Guelfi would be good at West Coast. We should shop him.


Is he though???


Go out and get small forwards who are lightning quick and love to pressure

Bin the small forward plodders we’ve got and we will be far more competitive

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