US Election - More Division or New Revision? (Part 1)

And here we go into what might be THE most important election in the Modern History of America, and perhaps the World.

Also, #FlushTheDump


No changes for mine.


2020: Blow this ■■■■ up


Silly question…
What would it take to split America into two?
Whether it be east and west or north and south.

Can the country be split, run by two different governments and two different constitutions?

Can’t be done. The divide is much more city/country and on racial and gender line than it is geographic.


Not saying everyone would like it and Democrat v Rebublicans are not centred in one part of America.

I was just wondering what would need to happen to split the country into two. Does it go to a public vote? Is there something in the constitution that prohibits it?

Pretty clear difference between the West Coast and NE coast on the one hand and the flyover on the other.

Even in California and Washington, the more rural areas are republican, and even in Texas and Georgia, the more urban areas are democratic.


Think Balkans !!

Balkan Peninsula: consists of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey. They have had war after based on religion, race, ethnic divides, history and stupidity.

If you divided USA in any way, it would have more than two “countries.” Even California would want to split in two. Texas would want to go it alone, as would Alaska and Hawaii, the rest especially the East Coast would be a shitfeast.

I recommend the podcast ‘It Could Happen Here.’

It covers this exact topic.

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War, essentially.

Cf 1860-whatever.

Of course they are. You could say they same for the city/country divide in political leaning in Australia too.

He’ll win. The melts in here…boy oh boy wowee.


Here is a “peaceful succession” map:


It does have the disadvantage that the New Blue US would be fragmented but if they had a land bridge connecting Chicago to the east coast via the blue cities there, it could be East Blue US and West Blue US. The latter would still have one of the world’s leading GDPs.

Coincidence? Doubt it.

What the ■■■■!?

Is there any chance they could put up a contender who isnt 70+ next election?

Sure, they had plenty who weren’t. But the Republican voters 4 years ago didn’t choose any of them, and the Democrat voters didn’t this time around either.

That’s what you get when Baby Boomers are the main voters…

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It’s what happens when Baby Boomers are the ones with all the cash/wealth.
Lets be honest. If you’re not a very wealthy person, you’re not going to run.

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Not sure what you mean here? :thinking: