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Second just like Donald Trump


Is the worst.

Not true, Singapore has something similar. They have GRCs (Group Representation Constituency) which consists of 3-5 seats and whoever gets > 50% (first past the post) of total votes from the GRC wins all the seats in the GRC.

That’s how the ruling party can win 90% of the seats in Parliament with only 60% of the popular vote.

EDIT: And how the Govt exploits the system to their advantage is to put one Cabinet member to head each GRC, with the assumption that people are much more likely to want to vote for Cabinet members than individual backbenchers.

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Worked late, pretended i would ignore it, shamefully in it. Are they all asleep over there now?

East Coast will be waking up soon.

The losing candidate in Wisconsin can request a recount if the margin is less than 1%, but it is not automatic.

Unless the margin is less than 0.25%, any recount would be at the candidate’s expense.

Yeah but do they have half a glass of cheap nz white?

Republican Sen Jeff Flake on ABC is talking about the Republican Senators have lost faith in Trump, after claiming victory and calling the election fraudulent.

Said that he hoped Biden wins the Election, while Republicans control the senate, then they can go back to ‘slow & boring’ conservative politics again.

MI just dropped a stack of votes. Trump still leads

Somehow, I think both sides can afford it.

That’s a sick thing to hear

The whole reason Trump won in the first place was because “slow and boring conservative politics” was not working

Considering the Dems wasted $250 million on four senate races they had almost no shot of winning, I’d say money isn’t an issue.

The point was, that “slow and boring” is actual conservatism.


That was complete waste of money to try and remove Graham, and McConnell. Can you believe the numbers? Be better spent elsewhere.

Not only that but they gaslighted Booker out of the Kentucky primary.


I think Biden is still a some chance to win this, but if they lose, they have noone to blame but themselves. A younger and energetic candidate would have creamed trump.


And that’s why republican senators want to do it under a Biden presidency.

They reckon they can get rid of Trump, go politics-as-usual go-slow conservative obstruction in the senate to stop Biden doing anything, then win the presidency back for someone OTHER than Trump in 2024 on the grounds of ‘Biden didn’t get anything done!’

I’ve said many times that Trump isn’t the really scary one. He’s scary, sure, but the bloke who comes after him who shares his politics and his supporter base but has long-term plans, work ethic, and an attention span longer than a toddler on crack is the one I’m genuinely frightened of.