Australian Politics, Mark III

Yay, I killed the last thread with post 10,000.

Political life was killed in May 18

All hail @theDJR, BB’s champion thread killer.

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We should just start a blitzparty. Only policy is free rides on Wim’s ferry service.

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Would not appeal to the “what-about-me” electorates in other States.

Unless, of course, Wim sets up nationwide ferry franchises.

Welcome to the new thread, … Australian Politics - The T’ird.

Remind me what was the ‘congestion busting’ thing Ed. Punt road is darker since they ‘fixed’ the right hand turn stuff

Combine it with tinder?

:thinking: blitzharmony on a ferry…

Who didn’t see this coming…


The Stasi Party.

And, ACT would have passed it on to all other police in State and Territories under ACIC information sharing arrangements.

Laws are ALP backed too, mind.

They’re a disgrace to what they once were.

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Imagine giving a neo-fascist like Dutton even more totalitarian-like powers, ALP would vote declaring vegemite a national security threat if it could.

Defying the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call that Liberal MPs toe the party line on the superannuation debate, Mr Kelly told The New Daily there should be a debate about including the family home in the asset test for the pension.

“Your family house at the moment is 100 per cent exempt from the asset test,” Mr Kelly said.

“If you decide you could use super to pay for your house you could say, ‘I want a larger family home now when the kids are young, knowing when my kids move out I will downsize’, there would be some discount of the family home that would be counted in the asset test.”

Whether the family home is worth $100,000 or $10 million, it is exempt from the aged pension assets test – a feature of Australia’s retirement income policy that economists have long debated.

Mr Kelly said his proposal could also act as an incentive for seniors to move out of larger homes and downsize later.

But Labor and death tax and franking credits.

Waiting for Liberal minister to agree with CEO from NIB next.


What a scumbag.

“It’s ok. We’ll challange it in the new year, after the election.”


Mark Dreyfus - Medevac Laws Speech

This is the man who should be leading the Labor Party.


He is too smart for the Australian electorate.

They hate smart. They love dumb.

Just look at Scummo.


With the dust settling after the General Election, and Albo’s pusillanimous New Labor attitude making a mockery of all of us Labor members and supporters who voted Socialist (instead of Green), it is time to revive the article written by Senator Kim Carr back in August 2015, to remind Albo the former Lefty and all his gutless Right-wing Liberal Lite backers what the Labor Party is really about. Read and remember: