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Boo :ghost:

how could dan andrews do this


@handypoint and @theDJR it’s not my fault I’m popular and get invited to many events. As if I’m going to wear the same shoes each time.


You couldn’t think things could get more weirder with this case, but it does.

maybe there was a minimum iq requirement to attend?

Can’t have been. At least one Aussie Pollie was there.


hmmm true

maybe someone was jingling a set of keys in the foyer which meant the aus media simply forgot to go in?

Well shes on the other side when it comes to Higgins clearly.

This is where our opposition party spends its energy over actually holding Labor to account.

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Weren’t they the ones that paid Higgins compensation?

This relates to a brawl at Senate Estimates . Some of her staff were being investigated for downloading official documents to private accounts around election time,
Senator Urquart asked the Services Australia rep to confirm whether they were directed to do so by Reynolds and mentioned NACC might be involved . Reynolds leapt in and dared Urquart to say it outside where she wouldn’t have cover of Parliamentary privilege.

But we don’t know whether it was foreign media or local ethnic Chinese media.

Higgins had tweeted that she donated all the money she received in compensation as settlement of her defamation claim against Reynolds in 2021 to a rape crisis centre.
She refused to divulge the amount, other than that it was well below $3 million quoted in the media.
The settlement was confidential. It may have been signed off by Cash, who took over as AG from Porter.
Maybe Linda is inferring that the evidence in the settlement is at odds with the sworn testimony at the criminal trial.

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I think LR is suggesting that proper process wasn’t followed when awarding the $3m to BH. To be more precise - were BHs claims properly tested and considered by the government before it agreed to pay $3m to her as compensation. My understanding is there is a clear and prescribed process the Department of Finance was duty bound to follow before it reached a settlement on the claim. The good news is the Federal ICAC can investigate these matters thoroughly without interference

Reynolds had claimed that the settlement was decided without interviewing her. Cash also claimed she hadn’t been involved in the process, which extended to some Work Cover elements.
I got the settlement date wrong. The settlement was finalised in December 2022.
Sorry for that.

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I checked out the site of the Melbourne chapter of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia . There was a vid promoting an event on post pandemic export and investment opportunities for businesses, at a hotel in town (Parkroyal or Hyatt); on 5-6 June. Invitation open to all, just register.
So, it would seem not closed to the media, they just have to register and buy a ticket.
It would be one of those events where a VIP opens the show with a brief address and then shoots through. Andrews would be the appropriate VIP following his visit to China.
The site usually posts a short account and pics of participants after the event.


Sounds like Herald Sun making a very large Dan mountain out of a small molehill.


Plus ça change

It wasn’t $3mill

That Croweater Senator Barbara Pocock is impressive, even if she’s a Port supporter.