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Australian Politics - ELECT CLAKO


Auspol - Fight of the ALMO

“Australian Politics - three more glorious years”

(Tribute to the High Rise Bombers’ great song released after Fraser was re-elected).

Volt for Steve Holt

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@andrewb , while you are historically correct that the Australian Labour Party evolved from the Shearer’s Union in the 19th Century, and many Unions are affiliated Members of the Australian Labor Party (name change in 1912), the Trade Union movement has held little power over Government and in fact since 1972 when Gough was elected there have often been times when Labor Government was anti-Union.

The Wages Accords in the 1980’s that was brokered by Bob Hawke and Bill Kelty, was supposed to let workers share in increased productivity forgoing wage increases and not taking strike action. It effectively took much power from the Trade Union movement giving Employers increased production and profit with no extra wages paid.

From 2007 and 2013, for all the good legislation Labor passed and the great economic management getting us through the GFC, Trade Unions were further weakened with more laws limiting industrial conflicts and Fair Work Australia cutting worker’s benefits.

It is actually ridiculous to suggest that Unions run anything, and they are mostly weakened to a point that they are no longer effective.


And don’t forget cain went after the blf.
Prick sent the coppers in.


I don’t hold that Mr Cain in high regard. He turned a blind eye to the actions of the CU in his Government and then jumped ship leaving the shitfeast to Joan.

@Alan_Noonan_10 your boys adds pretty funny


It’s disingenuous to say that the ALP is not significantly influenced by unions. They still play a significant role in preselection and selection of candidates and they are a strong voice of influence within the party. Unions aren’t a bad thing either, it’s just that in any human system hierarchies emerge and in our unions the entrenched hierarchies that emerged in several key unions are full of arseholes.

Only ALP members vote on preselection of candidates. Affiliated Unions are represented at State Conferences and get to vote on policy issues but only ALP members get to National Conference that finally decides policy.

It would be disingenuous to suggest however that Trade Unions, through Trades Halls and the ACTU do not have influence, as does Business Groups, Lobby Groups and people like me who have compromising photos of many MPs.


I do love the insight of ‘behind the scenes’.

F***** complicated though.

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Josh and the local Scouts. Apparently photo taken 5 years ago and no permission to use the image was sought by Josh


Plibersek is very good.



I completed my Bingo line with those three WTFs.


Here’s a good article for anyone that for some reason thinks the LNP has better foreign policy than the ALP