The 2021 Cricket Thread - you can also discuss T20 here (Part 1)

We need 350 plus in this innings.

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Doubt we will get it, unless Paine can hang around.

countdown until choppsuey goes ballistic again?

Smith will have to do a lot of the scoring. But the others need to hang around

Or as he likes to say, “triggered”

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paine has in all honesty suprised me with the bat in the last couple of years. I reckon he’s a bit more dependable. solid 50 would be great

Gone are the days you’d lock in 350 as a minimum when Aus bat 1st

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Wow just saw Wades dismissal, that was just so stupid in the circumstances

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We will get 350+ here

Paine gone

■■■■■■■ Matt Wade.

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Bumrah getting nice reverse swing going

That moved off the seam, but Paine was not where near it.

Not easy batting conditions with the new ball but painey didn’t move his feet and basically just missed an angled delivery.

Wade’s dismissal looking worse and worse

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Ball is doing more though, some balls are staying down, a little movement. I think our bowlers could do some damage when they bowl.

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surprised they didn’t look at that
probably too high

nah it’s conventional. Manipulates the position of his wrist to get the ball to go both ways. Incredibly skillful.

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Yeah I got that wrong. He is a very good bowler.