The Cricket Thread (part 6) - from July 2023 (Bartholemew Frinton-Smythe, Humphrey Wigbert-Porter, and Quinten Breckenridge)

Continuing the discussion from The Cricket Thread (part 5) - from March 2023 - #10013 by Tezzalenco.

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A new thread will either bring runs or wickets…

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One full ball every ten thousand posts.


The cricket thread goes bang

New thread same ■■■■ bowling

Could it bring some decent bowling and captaincy?

Stokes would be laughing his ass off looking at the field we’ve gifted him.

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Just dumb cricket

No wonder this guy has such a sizable ego.

You couldn’t not walk around with a swagger when you are this farking good.

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Starc drops it short, Stokes another 6.
Rinse and repeat, another 6.
Stokes 147.


The size of the egg upon the face of the aussie team cannot be understated if England get up here.

We are single handedly banking our success on two balls per over at Broad.

They need to reassess, ttry get an over at him, try tempt him into a shot down to third as Punter suggested or give cover at mid off for one at the stumps.

We are giving this away.

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Starc now bowling rubbish.

Did no one talk during lunch? We’re the coaches on the phone or something?

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Has this guy got a massive shlong, like bigger than the coach of the EFC ?

We have been Bazballed

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can we just rename title to “the dumb short pitch bowling thread”


What is wrong with aiming for the bloody stumps

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