The Cricket Thread (part 7) - The Mitch Marsh Test Renaissance period

Continuing the discussion from The Cricket Thread (part 6) - from July 2023 (Bartholemew Frinton-Smythe, Humphrey Wigbert-Porter, and Quinten Breckenridge) - #10028 by somo84.

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Marsh gone
record missed

New thread, wicket falls.

Cursed I tells you.


Cop that, Afridi!

I blame the thread.

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Lovely innings

Sensational innings.

■■■■ you, thread bot.

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Good move to get Maxwell in so early.

I couldn’t stand a 25 off 55 innings from a Smith or Labuschagne.

The record partnership survives. Just

Marsh pulls Afridi for another 6, dropped a little short, the ball got what it deserved. Next ball Afridi gets Marsh, caught leg glancing by Usama. A decent catch, regulation.

Maxwell in at # 3.

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This new thread ■■■■■■■ sucks!


That worked well…

Great call dickhea…

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pity it didn;t work

Maxwell skies the first ball caught at long on. Afridi now on a hat trick.

What are you doing Maxy? No need to rush it, just bat!


I hate premature ends.

All out for 327.

Would it have hurt to have a look for um 2 or 3 balls? Fcking dumb.