COVID-19 Round 9 - vax on, vax off

Continuing the discussion from COVID-19 Round 8 - quadruple do(ugh)nuts (Part 1).

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I think you had it right the first time, from our perspective.

I might be on a wrong ‘un here, feel free to tell me if I am, but isn’t it time the Federal Government stepped up to the plate with a national policy for international arrivals?

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Well thanks Mr System, but someone’s gonna have to rename this mother ■■■■■■


Like the previous 8 months they’ve had?

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@choppsuey, I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out because a) 28 days of no cases is awesome news and b) it’s the first time you’ve ever been wrong. This was just 66 days ago:

What a great effort, Victoria.


It certainly is but they’re currently still running with the ‘increase HQ’ capacity in each state line.

I don’t think chop chop was alone in that view. I 100% thought it wasn’t achievable.

I thought something liveable was achievable (like what NSW have been managing most of the year) but not this. No way on earth



Aged well didn’t it @Come_Back_Hirdy:laughing:

Never been happier to be wrong about anything ever!


I just sneezed. What should I do?

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Do you have a will?

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Nah, that is not their job. Since day 1 (think Ruby Princess) that is the job of state health departments / state agriculture departments / state police / hospital networks / local councils / the Girl Guides / Uncle Tom Cobbey. We poor fools in the public are deeply delusional and confused, thinking it might be the responsibility of Dept of Immigration and Border Force. I mean, their organisation names may imply some responsibility in these areas, but what kind of simpleton would get tricked by that. It is not their responsibility!


No. I have the way though. I suspect that the will is close by.

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I am genuinely relieved with the news today.


The Does have been very careful throughout this pandemic given Mrs D’s mother in aged care. We are still knocking back invites to catch up with friends just to play it extra safe. When the time comes that the vaccine is available to the regular general public then we’ll assess the situation, what are needs are for getting one. We may well be required to get one as a requirement to visit the aged care home. And see how the roll out has gone. This is not anti-vax. Heck, the Does are well and truly in the vaccine camp, and have been professionally. We understand the science - and it’s for that reason we are being careful and cautious. The FDA et al. will do their job, but even when that job is done correctly you can still get drugs released that can cause significant un-expected consequences. It’s a risk-reward assessment that needs to be made - at the national level but also for the individual.

And you are correct, SMJ, everyone should judge their own situation and decide what they need to do for their personal needs.

We are experiencing a very interesting chapter in medical research, public heath and politics.


I’m not trying not be snarky!
cough Genuine question.

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Agree with all of that sir, and good luck in making your decision

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That time was six months ago.


Pfizer also has history here (Bextra debacle).

Vaccines are something we do for each other as well.


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